What I love about art

As the sun beams through the window and hits the studio table it lays down a layer warmth.  In that brightness and warmth I have obviously forgotten it is Christmas time.  The month that should be filled with art comprised of decorated trees, ornaments and packages.  It is lost on me.  A new 12 x 36 canvas beckons me in and as the colors are selected and the brush hits the canvas I've got anything but the look of the Christmas season.
What I love about art is it can be intentional or free wheeling.  I could have sat down with predetermined thought and intention to do something Christmas.  But, for me it is becoming more and more about the free wheeling kind of art.  In a world of guidelines, timelines, and lots and lots of intent dictated by everything around us....I for one find a flower because that's what came out exactly why I love art!!

Tis the season!

Here we are Thanksgiving now in the rear view mirror and Christmas laying before us.  Unbelievable really that this year is about over.  How do the years go so fast?
One thing I have obviously not being doing a lot of is blogging!  Check here for the occassional update of course but I'm done posting...just for posting sake....if you know what I mean.

©2015 Jana McLaughlin~ Twist of Pink Studio
Art has been good to me lately.  I've not been short of inspiration, just the time to get it all out before the inspiration is gone.  And before the weekend is over, which is soon, I am getting to the studio table for sure. 
If you are looking for an art print or a poster to gift please be sure to check out my websites shop link at the top of page. Or of course www.Amazon.com/handmade/twistofpink

Have a happy shopping and Holiday season!  Give the gift of art!!

Fall time studio update

Now selling on Amazon Handmade!
After waiting for several weeks for the approval process I'm happy to announce that my art is now available through Amazon Handmade.  It will take a bit of time to get all the art I'd like to make available listed with them but the process has begun.  You can check this out at:
Plus very busy coordinating my art for licensing and looking forward to a busy next year.

Keep an eye on new art and things in progress on Instagram too!

So that is a bit of a studio update.  Fall is in the air and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

The crowded on-line universe

The loud and busy on-line lifestyle is consuming.  We all have phones in our hands, at our ears and if we aren't talking we are texting.  Websites we visit ask for emails, offering discounts and ongoing letters in exchange, increasing our online engagement.  Pretty pictures lure us in.  Seemingly perfect rooms and decorations and presentations keep us coming back for more.  And on the social side we share and comment and show to anyone who will give us the time.  As an on-line entrepreneur there is a necessary evil to many of the on-line trends.

I create art.  I love to create art.  And I hope you enjoy and even purchase art from me.  But I realize I can't be all places on-line to all people, all the time.  I don't have an assistant or virtual helper keeping me polished, posted & fresh to all social places and sites on the web.  And sadly I can't pull it all off even with the 24hrs a day I'm given.   So, I ask your indulgence as I occasionally put down the paint brush or the pen and share current studio happenings right here.

Some day my daily hours may look decidedly different than they do now but until then, you'll find me here.

On the Studio Table this week  10/25/15

Sunday Studio time

It is a beautiful day and hard to be in the studio in some regards because of this but, creative time is just as beautiful and precious!  Playing around with some new concepts and ideas.  That's always fun, right?! 
One of these days I'll start with holiday thinking in mind but can't go there just yet!
Enjoy a fall day!


A peek inside my sketchbook will quickly reveal a head lost in the clouds....a bit out of touch with reality, (surely not a bad thing these days!), and lots of color.  A few swipes of leftover paint and a bit of a doodle and I'm dreaming! 

The Mountains were calling...

Tomorrow starts me back to routine as vacation comes to a close. So sad.  How will I ever be able to put in a full 5 days of work?  I mean really?!  So to share a bit with you a vacation for me takes me back to the mountains.
It will always find me heading up a gorgeous road to some mountain top. This time and most times it is Glacier Park in Montana.
The colors were beginning to turn making for a great colorful background.  However, the day we went it was cooler and rainy.  But that didn't make a whole lot of difference to me.  Such peacefulness resides in the mountains....always.
And with art supplies in hand I managed some time to sketch and on the flight home created this little gal.
Home is a good place also but could do without the heat and humidity hanging around.  And as always, my heart resides in the mountains!

A Little something new

Today I whipped up a small batch of bookmarks
These are fun and easy to make plus will make great little add ins with gifts.  Or maybe even make them into gift tags.  After all (dare I say), you know what will be here before we know it!
Then I played around with a different color scheme.  Of course I can't get away from pink but was fun to play around in black and white.

So another weekend is coming to a close.  Hope you enjoyed yours and got creative!

Labor Day Weekend

Is the weekend signaling Fall?  Just wanting to make sure.  I know schools in, football is back, and Halloween decorations are now everywhere.  This all equates to Fall with the exception of the 100 degree weather.  Not cool!  Literally!  Plus my white pants are put away until next Spring, a fashion rule right?

What is going on then you ask?

Napping, but not for me.  These two have got this down.  And the other two are out of frame doing the same.  Given the heat they have told  me they want to be inside dogs. :)
 Besides canvas work, which I have been doing more of lately, I took a wood panel and started playing around. Not quite sure what to call her and probably not finished with her either.
And finally I've been working on shop updates, a constant work in progress, and excited that Posters are now available.  I'll be listing more Posters soon. 
So if you are kicking back and relaxing this long weekend drop by my shops and say hi!


No time for blogging...it's summer!

I was beginning to feel bad about the lack of a blog post for awhile until I realized I am not alone.  It's summer and who has time for blogging?!  I can see where there are a few of the "hard core" artist blogs rolling right along without a hitch but for many the pace has slowed.  Fall is soon to be around the corner and the shift back to sharing and showing will resume for the rest of us I suppose.

I have been busy on new art, some new project ideas, and waiting myself for a much anticipated vacation break.  I've got new items over on the Etsy store if you want to check those out.  Plans for more to come.

Here is look at a new art piece:
Leave a Little Sparkle

Yellow or Not to Yellow....that is the question

Determined to stay away from the color pink, well maybe not completely, I purposefully considered my colors today on this 12 x 24 canvas.  And successfully enough I did manage to stay away from pink domination. Here is a section from this painting.

But the question of the day is the yellow.  The finishing yellow.  I'm just not loving it like I would like to.
It could be because I generally don't utilize yellow in this quantity.  I use it to draw attention, or for a burst of color and brightness, but this I'm just not sure about.  So until I decide it has been moved to the holding table.  It's finished life uncertain as the hands of its maker can not decide if yellow is okay or not to yellow in the end.  I'll post the entire canvas at that point.
Have a good week!  August already.....wow!
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Perfect Day for the Studio

When it is 100 degrees out I can not think of a better place to spend some time other than the studio.  Well maybe in the water somewhere but no, really the studio is the best place!
So pulling out a fresh new 16 x 20 canvas, the paints, and a healthy dose of eagerness to really get into a project I started in.
Here are a couple of photo's of the "in process" stages.  I really needed to be working on sales generating activities but where is the fun in that?  I'd much rather be creating and here is the final and finished canvas.
Love Canvas
This one flowed seamlessly which made it even more fun to do and I see other things being created from this design which makes it even better!
Hopefully you have had a good weekend and are staying cool wherever you may be.

History of this canvas

Sometimes I know exactly what I want a piece of artwork to be start to finish and the steps to get it there.  Other times its a "go with the flow" type of activity.  Then there are those times when I have a general idea, start the process, step back and go "what?".  This was one of those canvases, a 12 x 36 to be exact.
Had I known this was going to become an involved creation I would have taken more photos along the way but here we go.
This was where it began going wrong.
Not that it is completely horrible, as it may have another application in my art somewhere but, its wasn't matching the vision I had and as a stand alone canvas it was missing the mark.  I couldn't figure out how to make it morph into something better and I believe I may have been experiencing a lack of patience. (No, not me!)  So it got painted over.
REALLY painted over. Plus using some masking liquid created some layer and dimension.
It had plenty more steps along the way.  Again, not documented.  The final piece coming out to look like this.
Quite a stark difference from where the canvas was I think.  And in person it looks richer in color.
So again, never throw away a canvas you don't like.  Breathe new life into it!

Happy 4th!

Hope everyone is having a very safe and fun 4th of July weekend.  May we appreciate and never take for granted our freedom, our heritage, and the men who founded and have fought over the years for our great land! 

Paint, Projects & Play!

Hello weekend!  Fortunately, mine starts today.  After spending 2 hours pushing a lawn mower last night I've not exactly hit the floor running today.  Sleeping in was first order of the day and it felt good.  Not going to feel guilty.  I've got nothing but studio time and art on my plans this weekend.   I just finished up this collage in my art journal/sketch book which was really quite fun and refreshing to create.
A combination of magazine, paper, paint and doodles it was fun to not over think and play in my journal. Now laying on my studio table is a blank canvas.  I'm about to get underway on that plus I have a bit of a project I'd like to start.  That being my index card file.  Don't know if you have one but I use it to keep website info., account info., anything I may need to recall and have readily available.  Alphabetical to organize I believe it is calling out for some color, and clean up.  So a playful weekend is on my agenda.  Hope you are planning the same!

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A couple weeks in review

It's been a busy couple of weeks and while I'd love to share grand stories and adventures with you but busy doesn't always mean exciting. Right?  So here are a few highlights.
I've had a Birthday come and go and while I had a very nice day of pampering myself with a bit of shopping, getting my nails done, (which I very rarely do), and ignoring the housework for a day, it was a very low key birthday.  For me this year I'd have to say it falls in the highlight category.
Besides my birthday these guys had their first birthday, (yes I know they are quite big for just a year old) and they received a new dog house complete with air conditioning! (It's Texas and it gets hot....really.) This picture doesn't show the completed project but it is pretty awesome for a doghouse.

This weekend we kind of celebrated Birthday and Father's Day with a last minute decision to go to Billy Bob's.  We love Mark Chestnutt and have seen him several times before here and decided to do it again.  Had an awesome time but getting to bed at 2:30 in the morning sure makes the next day very non-productive.  A reason we don't do this very often!

And finally there has been a bit of art happening.  Not quite up to my usual activity it seems but I'm not going to fret but let it happen when it can.  Today I posted this 8 x8 canvas for sale in my shop.
 It has lots of yummy backgrounds built up and has a nice soft feminine feel.  Plus it's purplish.
Purple is a favorite color of mine. Right along with pink, yellows, blues, reds, orange, and well you get the picture.
And this design is going to probably find it's way onto a pillow or something else eventually.

And that my friends is a recap of several weeks.  I left out the part about rain, more rain, and again rain today.  Because that didn't make my highlight reel.
Have a great week!

How many do you have?

You know how one thing leads to another?  Well if you haven't noticed lately you can't do anything without a password....online that is.  In my ongoing clean up efforts in my office I was going to consolidate, create a way to effectively keep track of accounts and the like.
I mean after all if you want to do any of these activities it takes a password:
Want to pay your phone bill, electric bill, or credit card bill?
Update your website, blog or any social media account?
Log on to make a purchase through Amazon, Hulu, Printer, Art Supply, various and random other online outlets? You guessed it!
And the best part about all these passwords?  "They" make you change them randomly just in case you've used one long enough that you yourself may have remembered it!  And by all means don't use the same one for everything cause someone could possibly hold the keys to your entire kingdom!
Which, after review of all of mine and what they access, actually leaves a bit to be desired. Want to pay my electric bill or anything?  Have at it!  I'll get you the password as soon as I find it, remember it, or determine if it has to have a Capital and a letter or both with a random special character. 
I did luckily find a way into my website and spruced it up.  It has been a work in progress and takes away from truly creative time at the studio table but I think worth the time.
Check is out.  Have a wonderful week!

More Canvas work

It has been awhile, actually quite awhile, since I sat down to put one of my girls onto a canvas.  This is generally due to the displeasure I have with the end result.  Sure, I'll tolerate the canvas for a period of time then end up painting over it.  I'd say it's the perfectionist in me but I'm not a perfect painter!
In process pics
With this being a long weekend and no plans to interfere I felt compelled.  The canvas was calling to me and while it wasn't what I thought I would do this weekend creatively I threw caution to the wind.
16 x 20 "She is Joyful in Hope"

She turned out relatively well for being on canvas.   I've got some other new art posted on my website homepage if you enjoy my art.  Thanks for stopping by and Thank you to all who serve and have given their lives for our freedom on this Memorial Day Weekend!

New Art, Ideas, and Chaos

New Art:
I've been putting finishing touches on art that has been waiting patiently for it's final attention.  I've got more to go, which is a good thing, but all in time.  Here is just a couple to share with you.
This little collage angel got her face today after laying for about a week waiting for her attention.
And then this started as a flower doddle on a scrap of canvas paper.
One thing led to another and it ended up much more than just a flower doodle! 
This is an area in general that I have to get under control.  Have you ever had so many things rattling around in your head that none of them get the attention they deserve?  Well that's what I've got going on.  Remember  all that "organization" I showed you in a few posts back?  Well the contents of all those journals and binders is going to go under some severe scrutiny.  Prioritize and execute!
Running right along side of the pending ideas is my thinking I can do it all!  Well newsbreak......I can not!  You know the saying, "run your own race"?  Well not only that but run it in your own time too!  Eliminate the chaos of trying to keep up with what?  The latest thing we have seen on Instagram, or someone's blog, or Facebook post?  The nifty newest look or thing published in our favorite magazine? 
I can look at half dozen websites or blogs and immediately think I should re-do mine because I liked the way another looked. Business cards the same way. AAhhh we have to love the internet and all things shared.....constantly....and unceasingly.  Does anybody work anymore?  I mean really?!

Getting it Back!

I'm on a self imposed "get my Joy back" time out!  There is not a one of us that doesn't just get worn out over the day to day rat race.  Add on top there is never a lick of good news it seems and zap!
Just like that you wake up and realize you've lost your joy!
So last week I decided to take a few days off this week and work on finding my joy again.  Would it mean not turning on the TV?  Will the time away from the 9-5 be enough?  Some much wanted studio time do the trick?  Sleeping in a bit?
Well, I have to say I think it is a combination of all of that.  Remember my last post about being sooo organized with all the journals and lists and etc.?  It's the same way with life.  I think being so efficient and making sure all the bases are covered and everything is in its proper place becomes all consuming and while yes there is efficiency happening is there balance with it all?

So new word for the day, week, month, year.....is...balance. 
And the studio time today has me working on a 12 x 36 canvas.
These are just a couple of shots taken while I've been working.  I'll post the finished piece when I'm done.  Had an idea in my head but it is not going down with as much ease as I had thought.  But it's all good!!!!

I'm soooo organized

So much so that I could possibly be unorganized.  Just look at this on the table. 
One binder and 3 journal notebooks. And not the kind you draw in either.  Yes, total that to be 4 note taking, idea jotting, plan making books.  Redundant? Why that might imply not being organized! So the weekend plan was to combine, clean up and well get my organization hmmm.....organized?
Well you can rest easy its 5:30 on Sunday and haven't even touched them.  But I'm still organized right?  This is a rabbit hole we shouldn't go down any farther.
But, before we do that take a look at this.
I'm thinking this would be a very nice replacement piece in my studio.  I took a picture of this back at Christmas time when at World Market.  I'm sure this would help studio organization as well!  Maybe my husband can make me one just as soon as he gets done with my Shasta studio camper.  (He's organized too by the way!)
So with the weekend slipping away ever too fast I salvaged this poor girl.

I had to repair her face after erasing a hole right through the paper. Gasp!  That was a first.  Obviously I couldn't get her face the way I wanted it. Here I am in the repair stage.
So generally not overly pleased still with her face after doing patchwork so this little gal may re-appear later down the road.  She will have had an absence imposed by the seclusion necessary to  recover from major face surgery again. Or she may just loose her head all together and start anew. 
I better jot this to-do in one of my journals......................

Canvas = Love

My love of canvas...albeit fickle at times, seems to be in full bloom.  While I love working smaller most of the time simply due to ease, when the weekends roll around I have of late looked to canvas.
And colors are always important tome so to play and mix things up makes canvas work even better.
Not to mention the fact that I love pushing paint with my fingers too!
12 x 24

12 x 36

I've got a 3rd one in the finishing stages today and will be putting all of them on my website for sale soon.  Hope you are having a great Spring weekend!

Busy Spring Weekend

You can always tell when the weather is nice. There is too much to do and take in over a weekend it seems.  Yesterday attended and FW Art Festival which is a yearly saved date in my calendar and this year was no exception.  Beside the Art Festival  I had to make a stop at another event which had vintage camper trailers all "glamped" out.  The turn out was very small but still was good to tour those that were there.
And of course there was food involved.
Breaded Ribeye Sandwich from Sweetie Pies in Decatur TX.

I have fallen to taking pictures of food and posting.  Sad day possibly.  But my husband raves about this sandwich.  He has only had this one other time and it was years ago.  We'd never made the trip back to the area but, yesterday it just so happened to be his lucky day!
So suddenly here it is Sunday.  I have a new girl which I posted on my Instagram and getting ready to start a new canvas.  But here is a peek at a canvas which I completed last weekend.
So I hope you are enjoying this Spring weekend and I'll share new art next weekend also!

Quick Journal/Planner

So all the rage seems to be making journals.  A noble and worthy cause IF you have the time.  It would be fun to start from total scratch but when time is of the essence one has to revert to Plan B.  Which is either buy one from someone who has all this crazy time or do what I'm doing.  So follow along......

Step 1-  I purchased at Michaels (on a crazy sale of buy one/get one so total 10 bucks for two!) a journal type of book or planner that allows for adding and replacing paper as you make the journal yours.
These have a nice thick twine style binding.  These particular journals are Recollections brand canvas journals.  The outsides are canvas material with brownish blank paper inside.
Again start with something you can make your own by adding and replacing paper on the inside either with refills you can purchase or your own.

Step 2-  Make some tabs to create separators.  i.e.  goals, reminders, websites, to-do lists
I took a piece of white card stock and put down some paint and dragged it across in a strip.  Cut out the tabs then glued them onto a second back piece of card-stock to give them extra strength.  These are now ready for me to label and attach onto paper edges throughout my journal/planner.  I'm simply stapling mine to attach.

Step 3- I intend to use this as a Planner and semi-organizer/note keeper so I went into Excel on my computer and created a calendar layout.  Generic in nature so I can number and complete each month rather than make 12 separate layouts.
I loosely laid one blank one in the journal to mark where I needed to punch my holes plus cut it down to size. Hand numbered in the dates with the Month on top.  These are now ready to go inside and be used.

Step 4- Inside the front cover I taped an envelope to create a pocket for putting loose things.  Using double stick tape I simply adhered it onto the inside and embellished with a rub-on.  I called my pocket "observations"  as I am forever writing down websites or little things I need to look up or re-look up on the internet on little bits of paper. This would make a great envelope for receipts as well.

With just these few steps you are rockin' with a new journal or planner!  Make it elaborate or simple and this is way less time obviously than creating the entire thing.  Here are a few more pics.