Houses on Canvas

I had a long weekend this past weekend.  As always I headed into a weekend with pent up creativity and finished up a piece I had been working on.  I then found myself looking at a new blank canvas.  Ah what to do with it?
I had done a cute houses sketch in my sketchbook the night before and thought why not?  It might look cool if I did it on canvas. So with my sketch close by I re-created with a little different outcome onto my canvas.  Funny how they are so similar but come across differently in different mediums.
I like them both but actually think I might go back into my sketchbook and add the flowers.  The sketch just might be my favorite of the two.  Hmmm...don't know?!

Studio cleaning

So, its been a long time coming.  This studio/office cleaning project.  My gosh!  A person doesn't realize what they hold on to thinking it might be needed in the future.  When in reality I am usually don't!
So I've been absent from making a post for a couple of weeks because I just haven't found the time to sit down and do this plus last weekend this cleaning project had no choice but to begin.
Most Saturdays begin with a bit of sleeping in and a relaxing day that may eventually mean taking in a movie or eating out, shopping possibly and so on.  Well not so last weekend.  It was decided by the man of the house that it would be great fun to go get oil changed in a vehicle and go to Home Depot.  Really?
Yes, really!  But after succumbing to the the plans laid before me I ended up on the receiving end of a great project. (Thank you dear :) )
I'm not one to put things up all over the wall.  Odd huh, being I make stuff to hang?  So I have a few shelves that I line up with my art and hand a few on the wall while the rest get stacked here and there.  So my wonderful husband kept insisting I needed to be able to hang and display so while on the Home Depot excursion which then became a Lowe's excursion, he designed and made this big wall frame with adjustable dowels to allow me to hang and move art!  It's wonderful, cost $40 in materials and paint, and took him all of 3 hours to make, paint, and hang it!

p.s.  My latest piece is in the lower right corner.

Newly finished!

It's Superbowl Sunday (yeah?!!) and the day is flying by really quickly. Soon I'll hear the call for snacks and that will signal the end of studio time. :(
I've been busy today, making  prints of previous works and getting them ready for their lives away from me.  I no, I no, I've not ever finished the etsy set-up or put purchasing directly from right here. But wait!  This is on my to do list.
By the time Friday night hits my focus is away from computer activity and I can't hardly wait to get my hands dirty with colors and papers and glue.
 So I finished up this which I started this week and really happy with it.
The colors are vibrant and bold!  Plus after finishing this I've gone back and put some finishing touches on my last bigger canvas.  It was lacking some boldness so had to fix that while I was at it.
Hmmm?  What should I do next?