Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
                                                           Christmas here we come!!

Always Thankful

So Fall has quickly turned to Winter here.  Wet, cold and ice in the forecast for tonight. Yuck and more yuck!  I've been down with a very nasty cold for a week.  The kind that you soldier through all week, accomplishing nothing more than the have to do's.  My art has suffered as well.  Just last night felt like picking up the art journal for first time.
There seems to be much going on around me ...affecting me.  Family in the hospital, Thanksgiving could be an iffy proposition, not to mention a daunting task for what will be last minute execution if it is a go.  Work of course.  And this is beginning to sound like a lot of whining!  But not really.
In all things be Thankful and I am always thankful!  Things work out, get done (or don't), and the sun rises the next day.  So if you are a bit harried already with holiday happenings or just life itself keep this in mind.

I know it's Fall...really I do!

While it may be Fall you can't take the flowers away!  Seriously, I should be working on Christmas but with my Flower Attention Disorder I've only dabbled at Christmas things.  (Shame on me!) 
I worked on this piece last weekend and really like the technique I tried.  Now that I've done this piece I plan on doing more with the same messy background layers I worked on with this one.  Totally different approach than I am accustom when I start painting. 
The vibrant colors really came out and I like the almost "batik" look it has.  I'm excited to expand on this new process and already waiting for inspiration to hit for the next piece.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Collage play

I'm continuing to work on bringing new life to old pieces of my artwork.  This is a 5 x 7 wood board piece that previously had something way different on it. (Yes, flower oriented of course!) The sad truth is that it just didn't make the grade as artwork should go so I papered, drew, painted, and even used a flower stamp I made to make it  completely anew.
Hope you like her!
Today is just the beginning

Re-Do #1

So I quickly picked up after my last post and started in on the pile of "bad" art that needed to be transformed.  I grabbed a very bad canvas board and started in on the re-work.
 She just hadn't turned out.  I had modeling paste, paper, paint, ink, you name it.  But it just wasn't very good at all.
So she disappeared........
Re-Done  and Happy!

 I couldn't really undo the modeling paste which was primarily the "I Choose Joy" so I worked around it.
With more layers of colored paints the background became more complex and it took on life from there.
My scan of this doesn't really do it complete justice as the words are painted with a translucent pink paint as well as the legs of the bird in translucent green.  Happy with this one so let's see what I make of the next one I grab from the "bad art" pile!