Paint, Projects & Play!

Hello weekend!  Fortunately, mine starts today.  After spending 2 hours pushing a lawn mower last night I've not exactly hit the floor running today.  Sleeping in was first order of the day and it felt good.  Not going to feel guilty.  I've got nothing but studio time and art on my plans this weekend.   I just finished up this collage in my art journal/sketch book which was really quite fun and refreshing to create.
A combination of magazine, paper, paint and doodles it was fun to not over think and play in my journal. Now laying on my studio table is a blank canvas.  I'm about to get underway on that plus I have a bit of a project I'd like to start.  That being my index card file.  Don't know if you have one but I use it to keep website info., account info., anything I may need to recall and have readily available.  Alphabetical to organize I believe it is calling out for some color, and clean up.  So a playful weekend is on my agenda.  Hope you are planning the same!

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A couple weeks in review

It's been a busy couple of weeks and while I'd love to share grand stories and adventures with you but busy doesn't always mean exciting. Right?  So here are a few highlights.
I've had a Birthday come and go and while I had a very nice day of pampering myself with a bit of shopping, getting my nails done, (which I very rarely do), and ignoring the housework for a day, it was a very low key birthday.  For me this year I'd have to say it falls in the highlight category.
Besides my birthday these guys had their first birthday, (yes I know they are quite big for just a year old) and they received a new dog house complete with air conditioning! (It's Texas and it gets hot....really.) This picture doesn't show the completed project but it is pretty awesome for a doghouse.

This weekend we kind of celebrated Birthday and Father's Day with a last minute decision to go to Billy Bob's.  We love Mark Chestnutt and have seen him several times before here and decided to do it again.  Had an awesome time but getting to bed at 2:30 in the morning sure makes the next day very non-productive.  A reason we don't do this very often!

And finally there has been a bit of art happening.  Not quite up to my usual activity it seems but I'm not going to fret but let it happen when it can.  Today I posted this 8 x8 canvas for sale in my shop.
 It has lots of yummy backgrounds built up and has a nice soft feminine feel.  Plus it's purplish.
Purple is a favorite color of mine. Right along with pink, yellows, blues, reds, orange, and well you get the picture.
And this design is going to probably find it's way onto a pillow or something else eventually.

And that my friends is a recap of several weeks.  I left out the part about rain, more rain, and again rain today.  Because that didn't make my highlight reel.
Have a great week!

How many do you have?

You know how one thing leads to another?  Well if you haven't noticed lately you can't do anything without a that is.  In my ongoing clean up efforts in my office I was going to consolidate, create a way to effectively keep track of accounts and the like.
I mean after all if you want to do any of these activities it takes a password:
Want to pay your phone bill, electric bill, or credit card bill?
Update your website, blog or any social media account?
Log on to make a purchase through Amazon, Hulu, Printer, Art Supply, various and random other online outlets? You guessed it!
And the best part about all these passwords?  "They" make you change them randomly just in case you've used one long enough that you yourself may have remembered it!  And by all means don't use the same one for everything cause someone could possibly hold the keys to your entire kingdom!
Which, after review of all of mine and what they access, actually leaves a bit to be desired. Want to pay my electric bill or anything?  Have at it!  I'll get you the password as soon as I find it, remember it, or determine if it has to have a Capital and a letter or both with a random special character. 
I did luckily find a way into my website and spruced it up.  It has been a work in progress and takes away from truly creative time at the studio table but I think worth the time.
Check is out.  Have a wonderful week!