Last weekend I was in the studio and grabbed up a new 12 x 16 canvas.  Nothing particular in mind just started with paper and glue.  I knew I was going to "try" to do two things.  #1- Not use pink and work a fresh palette of colors from my normal. #2-do something different again from my normal.
And as you can see I pretty much failed on both of these accounts!  In my defense the papers hold the pink color, not my paints that I used. Still guilty aren't I?!  And well, these darn angels just seem to keep appearing .  So, while my Angel says triumphant I think I having a hard time with pre-ordaining an outcome.  So another weekend is upon me and I have a bigger canvas still to lay out and begin on.  Dare I try to accomplish the same two things again?  Guess time will tell.  It's such a fine line between just letting things flow and purposefully setting out on a course.  Suppose if the end result is good what should it matter.

Artful Headboard

I'm married to a wood whisperer.  What?  Yes, a man who listens to and communicates with wood.
He can take a stump of wood and turn it into a beautiful bowl or vases, an ugly knot off a tree and turn it into a gorgeous table. Old wood and make wooden boxes.  So wood talks to him obviously, and he responds with gorgeousness.  Me, I'd be starting a fire or something.  Haha!

We haven't had a headboard for our bed in a very long time.  And I've always said we should make one.
Wander down Pinterest lane very long and one can become overwhelmed with ideas.  So the wood whisperer did what he does best.
Headboard made from 100 yr old water barrel wood.
And isn't it gorgeous?!!!!  It's so awesome I now have to work on the entire bedroom.  A room that honestly I had neglected with any kind of room design until now. He has upped the ante' big time.

The texture and the natural wood just pops against the white trim and also our wall color.  Love, love, love it! So I just had to share this with you. I think he needs to find some more old wood and give it a good talking to! :)

Friday Creative

A bit of creative time today in the studio.  Had no plan for where this canvas was going to take me and just started with no rhyme or reason. 
I did work really hard to keep pink out of it but as you see.... I failed.  Such a surprise!  Not!
Hoping to get a bit more time in this weekend with paint on my hands.  Happy Friday!

New Art for a New Year

I'm not a resolution type of person at the beginning of a new year but I do feel like a "reset" button for fresh things takes place automatically.  It's like a new starting line after having just left behind  a crossed finish line.  I've been working on some different methods and styles, a part of my reworking over bad art. A ongoing project of mine.  And these old canvases that I have used to do new art on again are perfect for taking away the pressure of ruining besides bemoaning having just wasted good money on a canvas! It now has a chance and second life.
5 x 7 canvas
Paint, old map, paper, photo & ink.
Now while this was NOT created on one of those re-do canvases I had practiced on those.  I love doing the whimsical girls and flowers that will always be in my art but I also
am taping into this new side as well.
A mountain lover at heart with prior residence in the mountains I have lots to draw inspiration from.  It's an automatic natural fit for me and surprising that it hasn't come through to my art before now.
I think this is going to be a good year!!

Happy New Year

It's 2015 and Happy New Year!  I'll have to say my New Years Eve was a bit lack luster but I think that's OK.  And today for the first day of the New Year I've been enjoying a full day in the studio.
It just doesn't get much better than that.
This is a 6 x 6 canvas, and I love the colors!  This is sure to be made into a print or a card in the future.  Which by the way, I've been updating my website shop today as well.  (Really have been in the studio all day.) Be sure to check it out!  And I'm working on some new ideas for this new year and will keep you posted as I progress.  Have a wonderful 2015!