The Holidays--

The Holidays are coming!  The Holidays are coming!  Oh my and a great big sigh!   Everywhere I'm
looking these days it is Halloween or Christmas or both out for display.  I'm just not ready to embrace this.  Just being honest.  But while I'm not ready to "go there" just yet I actually have made what I call Gifts from the Heart. 
Just getting started with these as they are more time consuming than one would think.  Paper, glue, and embellish.  Not hard just takes time.  And not just for Christmas either which makes them great.
Since my last post I also proceeded with making a few tags.
Haven't really done these before but they were fun to do.
Hope you have a creative weekend and join me over at

Sept 22, 2013

At last I think Fall is in our air!  Taking it all in yesterday and today with windows open and a crispness not felt in a long time.  But, being Texas, I'm sure we will be back in the 90's tomorrow.
After having taken a couple of days to get my "art house" in order I am back with not enough time on my hands it seems.  Isn't that just the way life goes though?
These little beauties are going to end up on tags & cards possibly.  Still trying to decide.
My etsy shop is going to get things added to it and hopefully & that will be next weekends project!
Enjoying football season, and outdoor projects put off until cooler weather, all great things that come with fall too.  Hope you have had a great weekend! 

And there is dancing in the streets!

Okay, maybe I over exaggerate BUT  it has finally happened.  My artwork is for sale on-line!
Whoop- whoop!!  It's been quite a struggle to get to this point but it really all came down to time.
Time to set it all up, time to take pics, time  to organize myself.  Well, okay, maybe that's going a bit far. But having set aside 1 1/2 days to focus on getting this process going I am feeling good.
Click on this to enter my Etsy store!!
There are plenty items to still put into the store but it's a start which means there is forward momentum!
Plus, I am selling my original canvas paintings on my website.  Either click here to go there or click at the top of this blog for Home then go to Shop.
So see there really should be dancing in the streets! Instead join me with all the great link ups happening over at Paint Party Friday by visiting here.
I'm sharing the completed canvas, I showed the starting picture of, a couple of posts back.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!