New paintings!

It is truly hard to imagine that the Holidays are upon us.  Every year I wonder how they can come around so fast but they do!  I've been doing a bit of elf work with some new paintings.  Be sure to visit the Home page and go to my Shop.
It has gotten to be quite a time consumption issue for me to make time for creating and then to maintain my own website plus two other avenues of posting things for sale.  If someone has suggestion as to mainstream all that I'm all ears!  So if you like any of my items be sure to check all my shopping avenues and look around as what is on one may not be on another.
So as we usher in this Holiday season remember to support artisans and shop handmade when you can.  :)

New in the Shop!

I thought I'd take a moment to update you on shopping venues where you can find my art.  Plus different things are offered on each of these often.

Etsy-  I'm putting some of my things here as downloadable art prints.

Like this "Texas" print.

Or below is a sheet with some of my hand drawn elements that you can download and use in creating a collage.
*Personal use only

These are really affordable AND you don't have to wait. Download to you computer when you check out.

Click here to go to my Etsy Shop

Amazon-   Amazon's Handmade marketplace is a popular place where I have cards, posters and art prints all listed.

and then of course there is your option to purchase directly from me on my website.
This by the way is the only place currently I'm offer my original canvas painting for sale.

I'm busy with new canvas art and working on new things.  Holidays are just around the corner you know!  Ugh...did I just admit that?!  Which means summer is officially over and hope you've had a great one!!

Mixed Media Canvas- New Video

Yes, its shocking I know.  But I have finally made a short video.  Well, kind of short. I had painted the background on this canvas and thought there is no time like the present to create a quick canvas that I could actually video.  So, aside from a small goof at the end I'm generally pleased with this first attempt results.

So new YouTube channel for Twist of Pink Studio!!
Check out this first video here:
                                                         Mixed Media Canvas video

Abstract paintings

Current work, a 12 x 24 canvas with an abstract flower.  I attempted my first attempt at video of me painting, actually working on this piece.  But wasn't happy with the way it turned out and the lighting shifted during the afternoon as I painted not helping me either. 

Then I attempted to bring that video over onto my computer via blue tooth and have never had a glitch with that until today also.  Can't get it to work.  So when the universe says, "no not today you don't", a person has to listen. 
So another painting, another time maybe.  But for now I'll just share this with you this way.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Creative process & head games

I recently saw this saying on an Instagram post and decided to draw it out.  I thought it really spoke to me as an artist.
 If as an artist, one can stay true to what you want to create, or try creatively without fear it will not lead you astray as it says.  So, this weekend I re-visited my love/hate with canvas.  Having always been drawn to canvas, from before I owned enough paints to do anything on a canvas, I have wanted to create successfully on canvas.
The hit and miss success has frustrated me as I couldn't find any consistency with my outcomes.  Of course, I'm hardest on myself with judgement so frustration may or may not be truly warranted.  Who knows?!  Lol!  So stayed tuned and check out my Instagram  for the results of my approach to canvas of late. 

Why canvas doesn't like me....

I yearn to create on canvas.  I can't hardly grace the doors of the craft store and not leave with a canvas.  If you've followed me for awhile I've mentioned this love hate relationship I have with canvas.  I'll create and be happy with canvas for awhile then poof, like magic dust that isn't very magical, I won't be happy with half a dozen attempts!  Crazy thing this is.
Canvas in a stand.  Cropped pic but stand arms still show at bottom.
Canvas is all about strokes and movement with the coordination of paint and whatever else I'm putting onto it.  Sounds delightful, and it is, but canvas is not paper or a flat smooth surface.  It has a surface of it's own and that is it!  Canvas in and of itself often does not like me for this reason. Put a pen or pencil in my hand and I'm jumping off and on my way.  Canvas, ideas have to flow to me differently, my ideas and my outcome often don't match.  But my yearn to create on canvas remains strong.  It's requirements of me are different.  Less comfortable and more time consuming.  But I'll mark this up to continuing artistic growth.
Available for sale as a poster on Amazon.
Hope your summer is off and running and you have a change to explore and relax!

Gone to the birds

I'm not certain why quirky little birds have suddenly taken over my studio work but they have.  Must have left the window open.  haha! 
So I've created a pack of cards (2) Thinking of You and (2) Happy Birthday and put them on Amazon.
Those are probably my favorite so far and then there is a little canvas too that I painted just for fun.
 And then my journal/sketch book is  re-visiting an old saying.
I've been mixing things up lately with my process.  Not that I'm using any different products just "playing" around with things and approaching in new an fresh ways.  I've been reaching for watercolors a bit more and maybe I'll have something to share next time with that.  Plus, I know alcohol inks are kind of a thing.  Had mine for some time and never really did much with them.  So just today I've got a canvas going where I'm using them.  Until next time, catch me on Instagram some too!

On my studio desk

Several fresh things laying on the studio desk right now.  I'm continuing to create additions to my cards. If you haven't checked out what I already have you can see them here.
I'm trying to spend some time on work on canvas.  In the middle of a bold and colorful canvas and having my usual love/hate with it going on.  I'll have it posted on my instagram.  So thanks for checking in with me here in the studio for an update!

Oh where or where?

Ok, so I've been busy.  Neglect the blog kind of busy.  I'll have to say with Instagram it's just so much easier than blogging.  So you may want to follow me there.
Of course my last post I shared a bit about my Shasta trailer in progress.  Unfortunately not much else has progressed with it since that time.  Other priorities have stolen that time. :(

I'm excited to share however new Happy Birthday Cards and also new Postcards!!
I'm quite proud of these as the quality is very very nice and the colors are so rich.  I'll be posting them for sale soon.  Next thing on my to do list!
Until then I'm off to catch a few zzzz's like this precious girl.  I so wish she would do this on the floor!

Art & my little Shasta Trailer

My studio business continues to keep my free time occupied and my head continuously going.  I'm working on the Birthday card collection, I've got another new group of art planned and getting cued up for my next task, plus my little Shasta Trailer project. 
'63 Shasta-Purchased almost 2 years ago

It has been a long time in getting this project underway but its happening now!  Here is a couple of pictures posted on Instagram recently.
It's good to be married to a contractor with mad skills!
Now, I mention this as "my" little Shasta project but really it is my husbands project.  I would still be looking inside overwhelmed with how to get my vision achieved if it were up to me to implement.  After multiple sketches and standing inside with pencil in hand to mark out ideas onto the old walls over the past year and half,  my vision is materializing.   New inside skin on the walls and ceilings have been installed along with bead board.  Colors were decided upon and being painted, along with flooring going in this weekend and a custom project of mine....a front display area counter top.

This countertop is the width of the Shasta interior, so about 7-8 foot long.  So picture doesn't reflect the full length.
The center of the countertop has this open area design which broke up and complimented the size of the top.
Lots of papers were harmed in the making of this project!!  :)
I utilized some of  my own designs as well and can't wait to see it installed!
There is still much to be done.  The outside will need painted, tires and wheels, and a few other touches.  But the fact that things are underway just makes me so happy! Updates will be posted on Instagram and some day a full reveal.  

More new art

I'm excited to continue to share some of the new art I'm producing from the studio. I've got new posters and new birthday cards listed in my studio shop and also over on Amazon.
Here is a glimpse but I invite you to visit either of these to see more.

Thanks as always for supporting my art!   

New in the studio-Clay-Touch of Spring

I'm in my studio this afternoon and I am basking in the sun that floods through the window.  Yesterday it was 80!  Yes 80!  Today I think it is in the 70's and absolutely delightful.  But where is winter?  Maybe where you live?  And as much as I do delight in a good sunny day there is something about not feeling guilty when I'm in the studio on cold, dreary and wintry days.

I'm busy with new art and new ideas.  Famous for having ideas but not always getting them down I'm trying to correct that practice.  I have a notebook/journal obsession to begin with and have kicked that into a higher gear with one in the car, (or let's make that two), one for my purse, and a countless number in the house.

But today I wanted to share with you a new "girl".  She has friends and I'm working on some birthday cards with all of them to sell soon.  But yesterday I made some hearts out of clay. Another new adventure for me.  Patience is allowing them to dry before proceeding! 
I didn't have the right kind of wire so I improvised and unfortunately the Poly I applied lastly yellowed my piece a bit but it was fun none the less! Not sure why the yellowing. The clay?  The paint base I used?  Or maybe it's not shaken well enough Poly?  Sigh.

His Grace

In times of adversity, trouble, pain, and sometimes just everyday life we can't for get this!
It can be so easy to take things for granted that when our apple carts get up ended we need to be reminded that "his grace is sufficient". 

I've got new art as new posters listed for sale in my shop and also available on Amazon
Remember if buying directly from me all my pricing includes shipping and often frames.
Happy creating!

Hello 2016

My how the days and years are just running together.  A ripple in time and here we are at 2016.
2015 was a good art year and with strong optimism and some necessary time in the studio I believe 2016 to be even better!

I've closed out 2015 with a day of studio cleaning.  You can't see the entire area from this picture but I assure you it is in better order all around that it has been for some time.  It's been interesting to see my art studio change and transform as my art has. I literally tossed 4 bags of trash and yes, even including old art.
So now as 2016 begins, fresh and organized I'm looking forward to some new art ideas and putting brush to canvas and messy fingers and lots of color.  So here is sneek peak at a new piece for 2016 and it is listed on my shop for sale now as a 13 x 19 poster.

Happy New Year!!