Why canvas doesn't like me....

I yearn to create on canvas.  I can't hardly grace the doors of the craft store and not leave with a canvas.  If you've followed me for awhile I've mentioned this love hate relationship I have with canvas.  I'll create and be happy with canvas for awhile then poof, like magic dust that isn't very magical, I won't be happy with half a dozen attempts!  Crazy thing this is.
Canvas in a stand.  Cropped pic but stand arms still show at bottom.
Canvas is all about strokes and movement with the coordination of paint and whatever else I'm putting onto it.  Sounds delightful, and it is, but canvas is not paper or a flat smooth surface.  It has a surface of it's own and that is it!  Canvas in and of itself often does not like me for this reason. Put a pen or pencil in my hand and I'm jumping off and on my way.  Canvas, ideas have to flow to me differently, my ideas and my outcome often don't match.  But my yearn to create on canvas remains strong.  It's requirements of me are different.  Less comfortable and more time consuming.  But I'll mark this up to continuing artistic growth.
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Hope your summer is off and running and you have a change to explore and relax!

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