My Big Project

Finally..... I'm excited to show you my big project.  To be a bit more accurate it is more of a project for my husban.  I'm just the "design" team.
'63 Shasta
Isn't she gorgeous?  She will be even more gorgeous when "we" get done fixing her up for my new studio on wheels.  Yes!   I have plans to utilize her at pop up fairs and any other sales events I can schedule and manage.  Soooo excited!!! 
Of course, I've had her for at least a month now and in my mind she should be done. Right?  But with summer heat and work loads she hasn't even been touched yet.  My idea to use her this fall is probably not going to happen.  Darn it!
There is that patience trial I seem tested by time and time again. Think I'd learn. :)
Have a great and safe weekend!

Friday Post...better late than never

Happy PPF to all.  Yes, I'm waaaay late but I have a good excuse.  Since vacation time seems to be eluding me this summer it was time for a mini vacation.  Overnight somewhere....anywhere!  Away from tv, dogs and puppies, responsibilities in general.  So off to the casino it was.  Had a really good time and what a wonderful change of pace.  But home now and all those things I escaped from.  Well, not a one is gone upon my return.  All those delightful and not so delightful things that make up daily life are waiting with open arms.  Sigh.

So, I'm really not a liar.  I had promised to show my big project.  But, I don't have a picture to show you.  Correction.  Have one but I can't get off my phone anyway.  And quite frankly, too tired to get another device and get one taken now.  Yawn.....  Hopefully next post.  I know, I know, thats what I keep saying but really I will get it done!

In meantime, here is what is on my studio table at the moment.  Just finished her this afternoon, well evening now.

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating this weekend!

Friday Sharing

So if you read my last post I have sworn off of canvas.  Really, but not really.  Canvas and I are having disagreements and well it's just best we part ways for awhile.  So I found it funny that when I went to pull something to share today I grabbed up this-
And what is she done on? Yep, canvas.  So go figure.  The weekend is upon us  (yeah!) and I hope to delve into some kind of arty goodness.  I did get my own shop set up over on my home page last weekend.  Not entirely happy with picture quality so I guess its a work in progress like everything else.
Have a great weekend!

p.s. hopefully next post will share picture of my big project surprise!