June almost over?

Wow!  It's summer and this month is well on it's way of being over.  I have been a bad blogger this month also.  Since my last post a couple weeks ago a recap of life highlights:

1)  Had a Birthday!  yeah....or maybe not so much yeah.  One can only turn 39 so many times before people start questioning that.  Haha!

2)  Got a speeding ticket.  Boo!  Can't deny I was being a great menace to society out in the middle of no where country road.  (You're welcome, to the 3 cars that passed by speeding as well, while I occupied this patrol officer.)

3)  Puppies, puppies, puppies.... yeah with a question mark!!  SEVEN puppies....yes seven.

Might I note that these are NOT my puppies.  Yes, they are residing at my house.  Yes, this could have been prevented.  Yes, I am preparing my son's eviction notice as I type (tee hee!).  Yes, he knows his mother has a soft spot for all things animal....especially puppies!!  And somewhere out in the countryside around us is a very unknowing owner of a male Great Pyrenees.  So we have Akita + Great Pyrenees puppies.  Might I say, not the type of dog you'll be carting around in your purse like Paris Hilton use to do!!

4) And finally....ART!  Doing lots of new art.  All of which is not posted on my website yet, or on Etsy, or anywhere.  Shame on me.  So best get with it all.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Patience and finding one's voice

I'm not a patient person by nature.  Isn't knowing and accepting that half the battle?  I guess it is if I work on it, which I have.  So not being patient...normally...means that Art like anything else in my life has to have a bit of applied patience to it.  I've come along way from feeling like I would only ever draw stick figures, (therefore I would not be drawing), to actually opening myself up to art.  Its lessons of making mistakes is okay, to showing one's true feelings and heart spill on paper and canvas, to the lessons of patience and practice that it teaches.  Which brings me to finding ones "art voice". 

I've not been entirely happy with the finished piece with many things I've done with my art.  Often times I feel like I've stopped short of bringing it all together.  Making a cohesive piece of art if you will.  There are always bits and pieces  but not always the whole enchilada when I'm done with a piece.  That is until now!  I've come to the conclusion that its okay and I simply have to bring all these bits and pieces together.  Duh!   If I set down before a canvas and tell myself I'm working with acrylics, "go make something spectacular", it ain't happening.  And I often times end up not happy.  Art is suppose to be happy, right?!  So I'm finding my voice.  Sounds stupid, but I'm allowing myself to take all the independent pieces of art that I've done and like and bringing them together to make new art.  And I'm finding is my true art voice and happy place.  Woohoo!!
Moral of the story.....be patient in all things!   Happy Friday!!