Hello Friday!

Today for Paint Party Friday I'm sharing a bit of new art. Still hooked on these playing cards as canvases.  (Thank you Stephanie Ackerman for this new addiction.)
 And even applied the lesson of  less is more sometimes.  Aka...knowing when to stop. :)

I have a lot of creative thoughts flowing right now.  Oh yes, its good to have that happening!  Can't move fast enough to get them out or done but I'm not complaining.

Hope everyone has a good creative weekend!

I know what you are thinking...

You're thinking Jana you are really out doing yourself with not one but two posts in the same week?!
Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.  This is really all about balance and productivity.  Again, two words not usually combined with me.  But, this past week and weekend has been high with both.  Woohoo!  Now if I can just keep this momentum going.
So I just got done uploading onto my computer about 13 pieces of art.  Wow again!  Of course not all done this weekend or past week but still.  I'm happy.  Here are a trio of cards I did do yesterday.  They were so much fun as well as quick and easy.  Fast sense of accomplishment = productivity for me.  I can get mired down in details and my "list" of things to get done.  Anyone else do I hear an amen?
So if I do take a minute to look at the list my next task is get my Etsy store into shape.  Poor thing sitting there all empty and bare.  Its not right, so hopefully I'll have much to share by next weekend.

The joy of spring

It is coming right?!  Can't honestly tell right now but I'm sure we will be in full bloom soon.
I've been busy with new art to share soon.  My addiction to pens has not cured as I just picked up a couple new ones to try at the store yesterday.  Plus I've been doing more watercolor than ever before.  Having some serious enjoyment with those.
While I've always been drawn to canvas I've never been completely satisfied with the results. Whereas give me a pen, or marker, or generally a paper surface and I'm more pleased with my art.  So naturally I think that explains my gravitation to watercolors.  It's good to play!  Especially with art supplies.

Wide Eyed Girl

Last weekend I found a sliver of time to spend in the studio.  So much fun!!  Love days when this happens.
With a 12 x 24 canvas in front of me I set out to paint something. Anything!  Generally not thinking of painting girls this wide eyed girl seemed to just come out onto the canvas.  I think she is ready for a little springtime.  How about you?