Since my last post....

A lot has happened in an otherwise quiet life.  As I mentioned in earlier posts my stepfather was having health issues.  We laid him to rest a week ago.  My mother had an 80th Birthday this week. (Breath)
In between and during those two events, I still worked, a very busy workplace right now, have had a touch of sickness myself which has clung for about 2 weeks & equal number of visits to the doctor, a household to care for(somewhat neglected), and very little rest. Sigh--
All of this takes a toll on my precious and cherished day in and day out lifestyle.  And when you love creating art, it has suffered right along with me. I generally create, journal, something on a daily basis.  When that pattern gets halted it is sorely missed.  Finding that inspiration and creativity while pushing other things aside that need attention and time is hard to do.  But it is the creating art itself that brings me relaxation, peace and comfort.  Coupled with an already strong faith, (and a few days to sleep in, haha!), I'm back in the saddle so to speak and look forward to painting a new canvas piece this weekend.  Of course that is after I work on taxes......I digress!!
Happy PPF!!

Happy Valentines

 Its' Valentine's Day and I wish you all a Happy day!  Thank you to those whom have offered nice words and prayers lately.  Such nice friends and acquaintances one can find in art circles.  Have a lovely Friday and weekend.

Latest canvas

Life is throwing curve balls daily right now.  My last week involved:
Trips almost daily (80 miles away one way) to VA Hospital, working when I can, a ride in a wrecker due to a car problem, and now today lets top it all off with a bit of ice and cold.
Time Out!!
So scrap the project that's been in the works for a couple of weeks now as it just isn't going to get completed anytime soon.  What I can share is the most recent 12 x 24 canvas I had completed before chaos and mayhem took up residence.
Asking for prayers for my step father as next week looks to be just as trying and probably more so than this last one.
Wishing you a good week!

12 x 24 Canvas  (Acrylics, pastels, & ink)