My dear muse.....

So last night (Thursday), I realize I haven't picked up anything to be creative at all during the week!  Unspeakable, right? So naturally I had a lump in my throat and thought, oh my gosh, the muse has left!
I quickly calmed myself and decided that can't be the case.  It had to be all the other things going on in my head which has occupied this week and taken me from my creative ways.  Plus, tired. Not physically but brain tired.  As an honorary member of Over Thinkers anonymous I had simply worn myself out.
So without the usual motivation at hand I picked up my journal book.
This is what flowed out-
I am hoping that this is prophetic as to how my weekend will be but oh how it applies to sooo many things in our lives!  Have a great weekend and we will meet back up to see what kind of "triumphant" things I achieve!


You see I kind of have this love hate thing with social media.  I'm kind of the last one to the party.  I am however glad that so many others have embraced it as it has given me hours of inspirational looking and video watching and well...general internet surfing which leads to the next site and the next and you get my drift!
This being said I am trying to put myself "out there" more than ever before.  Mingle-Mingle! Which has brought me to pretty big realization about my relationship with art.  Boy, does it make you vulnerable!
Let me explain, (if you aren't snoozing already!), that when you put yourself into your art and then allow others to see it, you've made yourself vulnerable. For me this has been a good thing.
Left to my own defenses I could easily become a hermit in the hills somewhere (as long as I have my supplies...and an occassional movie and dinner out, haha!) and never miss a thing.  Art is really busy pulling me out of myself so to speak.  Good, bad, or otherwise I guess.  So vulnerability and all I have been creating whenever I can. 
Last fall I started doing bigger canvases and now seem only to gravitate towards doing them!  This is one recently done, an 18 x 20.  Enjoy and get vulnerable!!

It's Coming!

Spring that is!  I know many of you aren't buying this proclamation but I can tell you it's really coming.
There is enough wind blowing here in Texas to coax any new foliage out and with the variation of warm and cool it is a bit confusing about what season we are in but the signs are all pointing to spring.  In fact the in flux of bird activity is another indicator.  So much so it inspired me.
Today is Sunday and well that usually means I can be found in the studio.  Getting a late start well with that crazy "spring forward" clock business but hope to have a new painting to share with you next week.