Happy Halloween!

Personally I've never been a big fan of this holiday.  I think there were a couple years in my very early teens that it held some appeal to me but, otherwise just not that in to it. So it won't surprise you that my post has absolutely nothing to do with the occasion.  No orange, no costume, no nothing.

I had hoped to share with you my progress on the big canvas I had intentions of starting on last weekend but alas, didn't happen.  I eyed it, rubbed my chin a bit while staring at it, got a snack, eyed it some more and then I let adult attention disorder take over and went on to something else.  Or maybe it was procrastination that hit.  I can hardly tell the difference.

So while I have been busy creating I have not been busy documenting or taking pictures.  One I did snap was of my two angels that I had professionally printed and then placed in a nice dual frame.  I'm really happy with how they look.  Had a bit of a glare obviously when I did snap the picture but you get the jest.  I've got two of these that will be for sale next weekend at the Trinity Christian gift market.

Enjoy the day and this gorgeous fall weekend!

Lock me in!

Today started with a cup of coffee, a few minutes of mindless channel flipping, puppy play and then to the studio.  In other words awesomeness!  Is that a word?  Well it should be if it isn't and today in the studio has been just that!
Somehow though I look up and its middle of the afternoon already!  Why doesn't that ever happen at work?  But, always when I'm in the studio.  Days fly by.
Today I've been putting the finishing touches on and creating these boxes.
They are a bit time consuming but totally worth it I think.  I've still got the little legs to put on the one but I'm very happy with how they have turned out.  Definitely will be doing more of these. 
So creative juices are flowing and have been for days now.  (Someone please lock me in my studio!!!)  I just can't get in enough studio time to get it all out and down on to whatever surface it needs to go on to.  My next project....if I wish to accept....tackle the 24 x 36 big canvas that has been staring at me for weeks.  Probably a good thing I've started with something I'm happy with the end result, because me and canvas.....well we haven't totally worked out our differences. 
 Happy Paint Party Friday and to a creative weekend!

A Happy Busy

So I'm getting excited for the upcoming Trinity Christian Academy Gift Market the first weekend of November.  So, so much to do to get ready.  Really wishing my vintage Shasta trailer was ready to use for my rolling "studio".  Maybe come spring.
So here is a peek at just some of the packing going on for the show.  Didn't dare take a pic of the spare bedroom.  It's covered with prints, and framed works.
But irregardless of this ongoing mayhem in the studio I have managed to find a bit of time to start on a new piece or two.  Here is just a glimpse of the beginning stages of new art.
Hopefully your October is finding you in a Happy and busy place as well.
Oh, and almost forgot.  I've dipped my toe into social media just a teeny tiny bit more.  Instagram.
You can find me there too....if you want of course!

What Mayhem looks like

This is what my studio looks like right now.  Yep, its good old fashion mayhem going on here!  Every inch is covered with essential and well, if I was to be honest, not as essential things to get organized and creating for the upcoming November show I'm taking part in.  Today I'm creating and organizing myself.  Pretty big task.  So big it will probably take up the entire weekend.

Angels seem to be showing up frequently right now in my art. I've always have done them but they seem to be more prevalent of late.  So I'm going with it.  I know some people aren't wild about angel artwork but if they are going down into my art easily then I'm not arguing. 

Now besides the art show craziness I've got working I'm thinking of re-doing my blog.  Migrate it to a different format.  That may be too much to tackle right now but think it is on my To Do list.
And finally, in another small step to come into the 21st century of all things social media I'm now on Instagram!!  So feel free to check me out-----  www.instagram.com/twistofpink

Hope you have a weekend to remember & thanks for stopping by!!

A mixed bag...

My life has been just that the past couple of weeks. Not complaining though.  It all started a week ago Monday.  I spent three days in court serving in a jury.   Can't say it was an exciting case by any account,
but interesting none the less. Then once that was done the very next morning I was on a plane with a girlfriend heading to the Joyce Meyer Women's Conference in St. Louis.  :)

Whatever happened to lighters?  We use cell phones for everything!
We had a great time and even squeezed in a trolley tour of St. Louis.  Fun and more fun!
Then it was back to work, puppies, and a full schedule for myself in October to get ready for a November gift show I'm going to do.  Whew!  Not to mention a few fall shows I want to attend.
So whats on my studio table right now?

Fresh inspiration and lots of ideas floating around my head.  Now to find the time, energy, and resources to pull it all together.   It's good sometimes to be busy!  (Remind me I just said that in about a week...haha!)
Happy Paint Party Friday and have a great weekend!