A Happy Busy

So I'm getting excited for the upcoming Trinity Christian Academy Gift Market the first weekend of November.  So, so much to do to get ready.  Really wishing my vintage Shasta trailer was ready to use for my rolling "studio".  Maybe come spring.
So here is a peek at just some of the packing going on for the show.  Didn't dare take a pic of the spare bedroom.  It's covered with prints, and framed works.
But irregardless of this ongoing mayhem in the studio I have managed to find a bit of time to start on a new piece or two.  Here is just a glimpse of the beginning stages of new art.
Hopefully your October is finding you in a Happy and busy place as well.
Oh, and almost forgot.  I've dipped my toe into social media just a teeny tiny bit more.  Instagram.
You can find me there too....if you want of course!

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