What Mayhem looks like

This is what my studio looks like right now.  Yep, its good old fashion mayhem going on here!  Every inch is covered with essential and well, if I was to be honest, not as essential things to get organized and creating for the upcoming November show I'm taking part in.  Today I'm creating and organizing myself.  Pretty big task.  So big it will probably take up the entire weekend.

Angels seem to be showing up frequently right now in my art. I've always have done them but they seem to be more prevalent of late.  So I'm going with it.  I know some people aren't wild about angel artwork but if they are going down into my art easily then I'm not arguing. 

Now besides the art show craziness I've got working I'm thinking of re-doing my blog.  Migrate it to a different format.  That may be too much to tackle right now but think it is on my To Do list.
And finally, in another small step to come into the 21st century of all things social media I'm now on Instagram!!  So feel free to check me out-----  www.instagram.com/twistofpink

Hope you have a weekend to remember & thanks for stopping by!!

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