Happy New Year!

I'm not much for making resolutions. This given my prior years disappointing carry through!  So  I generally take a moment to access my current accomplishments, short comings, dreams, and desires as I set approach the future.
Created on paper towel covered card stock.
Art and creating has become a very important focal point in my life this past year that I can only hope to continue my creative journey in 2013.  Wishing all a Happy New Years!

Keeping the Faith!

Ten days and counting until Christmas!
Shopping done?-----almost!
House cleaned?-----is it ever "really" clean?
Gifts wrapped?---- YES, so far!!
House decorated?----YES!  (Thanks to those in the family that make that happen!)
Time to play?----NO!
This little ornament is all I've had time to quickly do. (The sparkles and finish really not showing well in the photo.)

I'd love to spend some quality time in the studio as I've got ideas rolling around in my head!
But as much as I want to get in the glue, and paint and markers I  embrace the season, my family, friends  and my faith. Always keep the faith! 

Exterior Illumination

So it's Sunday, and Thanksgiving is behind us.  Yes, done a bit of shopping but today, yes today, begins the Christmas season at our house.  While the weather feels nothing like fall or winter we forge on un-thwarted by what it feels like outside and the men of the house take on the seasons need for.....drum roll please......Exterior Illumination!!

Our family checklist of seasonal activities began with the annual viewing of Christmas Vacation.  Done a bit earlier than normal this year but done now none the least.  Next comes the exterior illumination activities, closely followed with the tree selection and decorating.  (Next week!)
So as the activities embrace us all Best wishes for a happy "season" can never be wished too early!