Hearts and Love and Valentines Goodness

Valentines is just a couple weeks away and I haven't made one Valentines anything!  So, that being the case I came across this heart I'd made several years ago out of clay, then decoupaged one of my girl illustrations onto and painted it a bit.  It has yellowed some but I'm sharing it with you anyway.
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Journal style creating

As the past year was ending I didn't have time to create like I would have normally, so creating a few smaller 4 x 6 originals helped me bridge time and art.  You can easily do this in an art journal or as I did individually. Canvas paper, watercolor paper, card stock are perfect for individual pieces like this if you don't want something "stuck" inside a journal. 
I'm looking forward to another creative year in 2017 and hope you join me.  Be sure to follow me on my Instagram feed for frequent art sharing.