Re-Newed, refreshed artwork continues....

So hello!  Today is Friday...yeah!  Well kinda yeah for me.  Today is THE garage sale.  Not mine but my mothers.  Sounds innocent enough but really it is not.  Do you know how much work goes into one of these? Ridiculous.  And what if it doesn't all sell?  I shudder to think.  So I have time committed to that today and tomorrow but not without a few minutes to share some art and go get a hair cut!  Two very important things.

Like my last post I'm busy breathing new life into some old "bad" art.  This was a canvas board gone horribly wrong.  I repainted the canvas board, new colors, texture, etc.  Then I took a sheet of canvas paper for the middle inset art.  Finished it off with a quote and waalaa!  A new and improved canvas board which someday I will look at and think....really??  I've got to do something different with this! Haha!
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Canvas Re-Do

I'm always struck how inspiration does just that...strike.  The sometimes urgent inspiration you can't wait to get to the swing in the opposite direction of where have you gone.... inspiration?  Rarely do I have a chance during the week to sneak into the Studio for any quality time.  Not that I don't do art all week long but, it usually isn't done in the quiet of the art studio.  Today however was different.  It started last night with a sketch and then today it transformed and ended up ( a slightly different version than my sketch) but, created on an old canvas piece.
This canvas is a re-do.  One from the pile of "my gosh what was I doing when I did this piece," kind of pile.  Isn't it wonderful what gesso, paints, papers, markers, pastels, and a piece of time out of an otherwise so-so day can yield?  Think I'll call this piece: Thankful!

My to do!

Today is a beautiful day outdoors.  Flowers are gorgeous, I've got red birds flying all over, and the sun is shining!  Little one could ask for  to make the day better.  Well, other than do something about this:
To have this poor studio organized and cleaned!  That would make for quite a delight if I could walk in and it be in tip top shape.  Would I be able to find everything though? Sadly, in this state I know where things are "piled".  And it's Mothers day weekend.  Shouldn't have to tackle something like this, right?
So I find myself today working here, at the dining room table.  Doesn't look like art but it is.  The art of the art business.  See, I'm a writer.  Not like a writer of books, however I have started and not completed several over the years, but a writer of action plans, ideas, dreams, and start ups.
And for my studio to get organized, my soul to be happy, and for the stars to align I  must do the dining room table work.  The results of such will not be known exactly for a bit still but it is all part of my process. :)
And the beautiful flowers on the table are from my son for Mother's Day!  Doesn't get better than that!
So I'll leave you with a piece I did as a result of my participation in the CreativeGirl: Land of Light and Shadows class.  This is the second class I've ever taken and it was short and sweet and really appealed to my whimsical style.  Thanks Danielle for sharing!
                                                      Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

I've been up to....

Spring flowers and planting and dirt.  Glorious times!

Sadly I don't have a better picture than this. Given the technology you'd think I could at least show a good picture. Ha!
Anyway, again not that this picture shows or does justice but after a $200 trip to Lowe's yesterday the back patio has flowers, the front porch has flowers, and I've still got a table full that I don't have containers for.

I've also finished my first art journal book of 2014. Yeah!!
I think I did 3 last year.  Not sure, but this year I've now got number one in the bag.
So journal number 2 is ready to go!

 And lastly......found a great old book with thin and wonderful paper that made for a great surface for
this watercolor and marker picture.
I can't wait to do more with the pages from this book.
Have a great week!