Re-Newed, refreshed artwork continues....

So hello!  Today is Friday...yeah!  Well kinda yeah for me.  Today is THE garage sale.  Not mine but my mothers.  Sounds innocent enough but really it is not.  Do you know how much work goes into one of these? Ridiculous.  And what if it doesn't all sell?  I shudder to think.  So I have time committed to that today and tomorrow but not without a few minutes to share some art and go get a hair cut!  Two very important things.

Like my last post I'm busy breathing new life into some old "bad" art.  This was a canvas board gone horribly wrong.  I repainted the canvas board, new colors, texture, etc.  Then I took a sheet of canvas paper for the middle inset art.  Finished it off with a quote and waalaa!  A new and improved canvas board which someday I will look at and think....really??  I've got to do something different with this! Haha!
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  1. Is that your own handwriting? Wow. I just love it to death! And the flower is so wonderfully delicate and pretty.

  2. I hope the garage sale was a huge success... and I think this is a great piece of work...xx