Mixed Media Canvas- New Video

Yes, its shocking I know.  But I have finally made a short video.  Well, kind of short. I had painted the background on this canvas and thought there is no time like the present to create a quick canvas that I could actually video.  So, aside from a small goof at the end I'm generally pleased with this first attempt results.

So new YouTube channel for Twist of Pink Studio!!
Check out this first video here:
                                                         Mixed Media Canvas video

Abstract paintings

Current work, a 12 x 24 canvas with an abstract flower.  I attempted my first attempt at video of me painting, actually working on this piece.  But wasn't happy with the way it turned out and the lighting shifted during the afternoon as I painted not helping me either. 

Then I attempted to bring that video over onto my computer via blue tooth and have never had a glitch with that until today also.  Can't get it to work.  So when the universe says, "no not today you don't", a person has to listen. 
So another painting, another time maybe.  But for now I'll just share this with you this way.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Creative process & head games

I recently saw this saying on an Instagram post and decided to draw it out.  I thought it really spoke to me as an artist.
 If as an artist, one can stay true to what you want to create, or try creatively without fear it will not lead you astray as it says.  So, this weekend I re-visited my love/hate with canvas.  Having always been drawn to canvas, from before I owned enough paints to do anything on a canvas, I have wanted to create successfully on canvas.
The hit and miss success has frustrated me as I couldn't find any consistency with my outcomes.  Of course, I'm hardest on myself with judgement so frustration may or may not be truly warranted.  Who knows?!  Lol!  So stayed tuned and check out my Instagram  for the results of my approach to canvas of late.