Just for quick fun

This little 6 x 6 canvas was a quick (about half hour) of play last night.  For some reason it went from my plans for a flower, of course, to this.  After putting the first layer of paint down I felt like being kind of messy and layering paint, paper and ink.  Wish I would have stopped with just the Love at the bottom but it's knowing when to stop....right?  Hope you are having some quick art fun of your own.

Flower Alert!

It is apparent if you look at my art that anything I create either is or has a flower present.  I mean really, who doesn't love flowers?  This being said I may have crossed the proverbial "flower" line with this canvas!
I started with a 12 x 24 canvas, a size I seem rather taken with lately, and laid down my base blend of colors. Yes, I actually didn't start with pink!  Then I simply began filling it all in. 
I used:  acrylic paints, oil sticks, pan pastels, and even a bit of sharpie.  It may be a bit of overload with the flowers but I still kind of like it.  Have a great weekend!

Fun? No thank you!

It is Friday night.  It should be a happy, and if lucky, a relaxing time should it not?  Why yes!  It should be.  I on the other hand have exasperated myself with all things website tonight.  I updated it last week and added the portfolio page.  Wasn't crazy about the colors of my flash booklet that I created and incorporated but thought...it will do.  No it won't!  So tonight with all kinds of time on my hands I thought I'll just sit down and quick like change the colors, change a couple of other things and be off to play and create.     Silly me.     
I have re-created this file.  Uploaded it about 3 times, all without success.  Why?  Good question and one not answered as of this writing.  I even cleared my cache browser at least 2 times. (Yes, it sounds fancy but really not as most of you know.)
So with time and a lovely friday night dissolving away I thought I'd zip over to this page and make a quick post.  About what?  I haven't accomplished anything.  Haven't been creating tonight.  So I logged out.  Well again, that just wasn't going to do.  So I logged back in and to now your dismay this is what you are getting.  Ramblings of a unhappy computer user.  Ahh, it happens to the best of us.
Not to fear though.  I am going to give my website a night to ponder on it's poor cooperation and see how it feels about it all by tomorrow or the next time I can sit down to it. 
I do hope you are having a better end of the week than me! :)

Long Weekend

Happy 4th weekend...a bit late.  What has been a long weekend has been a really quick weekend.  Along the way have spent time with friends and family both.  Enjoyed good food, conversation and a delightful ride through the pasture.  Yes, pasture.  And during this ride/ tour of a large haying acreage I realized that as an artist I now notice shades, and colors and get inspiration from surroundings differently than before my art journey began!  Beauty has never been lost on me when it comes to being outdoors, but every once in awhile something you wouldn't expect to take as beauty is just that.
Given all the activities and usual duties of any weekend I haven't had my "day" in the studio as I had hoped.  (I did add a portfolio to the home page.  But requires flash.)  Will probably rework that again sometime.  No new art to share
but I did find this wooden canvas I had done awhile back.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend and God Bless America and it's founding!