My Vintage Shasta Art Studio

As promised here is a full recap/tour and better pics of my vintage Shasta camper trailer that I've had made into a mobile art studio. 

A few years ago I bought this Shasta with the intent of turning it into a mobile art studio.  Insert Happy dance when I first saw her and big thanks to the friend who directed me to her!!
 I purchased the 1963 Shasta on the spot and returned a week later to pick her up.  My husband and I pulled her slow and easy about 50 miles to our home.  My husband, who is a carpenter/builder (thank heavens), slowly but surely over the past couple of years started putting into place the vision I had for my little trailer.  The only thing  inside was kitchen cabinetry which wasn't all original and what we think was an original closet.  That was left for storage and to put in a free standing portable AC unit inside of.  This IS Texas after all!
So with a blank slate before us colors were picked and the inside roof and walls were re-skinned.  Insulation was added above the new ceiling.  I wanted bead board at chair rail height around the insides.

 Along the front width of trailer my husband built me a front counter, open underneath so I can use for storage if I need, and I decorated the top of it.  This front counter is used as a display area.

An old little mirrored dresser with a broken leg that we fixed I painted over.  Painting over wood on an old piece of furniture is not something I would normally do but, the top was a bit damaged so I told myself I was doing it justice with paint. I used the bead board trim color to tie the look together.
This little studio was coming together!  Laminate wood planked flooring went in, and the inside was coming along nicely.  Electrical wiring was worked on and several silver track lights installed.  Not sure I'll ever use them but I like the way they finished out the look and I needed some kind of lighting I figured.  Finally it was on to the outside. 
New tires and wheels with the baby moon hubcaps were done.  Paint for the outside was a topic of discussion but I felt I really wanted to keep her close to her original look.  Yes, I may get artsy on her in the future but I really, really like the authentic look to her.  Maybe vinyl art so it won't be permanent?  Again, good to have a builder for a husband as he did it all!  The trailer taped off, I think we did awesome at picking that almost true to original color and she is totally freshened up on the outside.  She was almost ready!!! 

A rebuild of the door which I'm told is easier said than done, some blackboard paint on part of the inside door and we were down to the final thing necessary before using her.  A portable AC unit.  It was placed into the closet with an opening for the air to vent through cut exact within the closet door.  Looks like it belongs!  The AC exhaust needed a custom built chase to go out through to the floor and the drain tube out through floor also.  With that it was done, exception being the front eyebrow.  The old wood in the eyebrow frame plus a new piece that had been put in has not held up to the elements.  Final decision on what to do there has not been made still.  Yet in the meantime she made her first trip to a show earlier this month. 
So, lastly I'll leave you with pics of her set at the event that I took and a quick partial video tour that I did before the event when I was doing a partial dry run set up for the show.  It was really hot, and I mean really hot so it was quick.   I've not edited it and it doesn't show the side of the trailer with the AC and closet but it will give you a look at the inside finishes, along with the pics.

Heading into Summer

It's been a long "few" years but as I head into summer the Shasta mobile art studio is heading out on it's maiden voyage.  So excited!  It has been a lot of work, reiterate, a-lot-of-work, for my husband to have gotten my little dream built out to my vision. I've had the easy part of creating the artwork.
This is just a couple of pics as I hauled stuff out to the trailer and then back inside, doing a "dry run" on set up.  If it wasn't a scorching and melting 90-100 degrees I'd be tempted to haul everything out and leave it set up inside.  But, I'm afraid that could spell disaster leaving everything to bake in literally a tin can until the weekend.  I'll try to get better pictures of actual set up and post here or Instagram this weekend.
Or better yet, you can come to the Peach Festival (07/08/17) and see it first hand!!
Granted I have only been to a handful of the Peach festivals over the past 20 years, mainly due to the heat.  This is Texas, it's hot, real hot, especially in July and August.  I have perfected the art of going from AC to AC, have maintained a nice white glow to my skin, and well if I'm honest.....a sweater!  Like wipe my brow a lot sweater!  So having thought about selling and setting up has always been quickly dismissed.  I'm hoping I literally don't melt this year and all goes well.  Like, pray for clouds and stuff!  :)

Other happenings are my new greeting card line.  This has been in the works for awhile.  I've had several designs off and on but committed to develop this and will debut this new and growing side of my art business this weekend as well.  I'll be offering wholesale to boutiques and stores as well.
So have a good and safe Summer!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram too!

Artsy Update

My goodness!  I last posted when?!! Well I'll try to catch up on a few things.
First off it is springtime.  A favorite time of year for me here in Texas.  Summers all oppressive and all, this time of year is grand! 
Currently I'm on a creative binge which is producing lots of ideas and art as well.  Getting it posted and up for sale are tasks I don't enjoy as I'd much rather be creating but are necessary evils and I have to get better at that too.

First off I've got lots of art that I'm putting into prints and preparing to sell. This is just one that's currently on my website.

And cards.....most of my art is available as a card or a post card.
Other happenings around the studio involve this project, remember it?
Well its four years ago, yes four that I bought this to makeover to take to events and festivals.   These things might be small but take alot of work.  Just ask my husband!  He has done an awesome job on executing my vision on the inside and yesterday I painted this old table that will go in it as well.
Normally I'm very adverse to painting over wood, especially antiques and pieces from the past, but this table really called for it.  It had fingernail polish all over the top on one side. Next up is the outside paint.  Picked my colors this weekend so now for the perfect outside day with time available to paint and it will be go time!  Progress is happening...yay!!

New art has been steadily flowing which is always good.  That is not always the case!  I'm really jazzed about these journal/notebooks I've created covers for. 
I've had fun designing and making these and they too will be available for sale soon.  Limited quantities!

So that's an update and until next time hope you are finding time to create too!!

Merging Paint and Collage

I've got a new abstract acrylic painting on canvas.  This will be listed soon in my shop not only as the original painting but also as a 13 x 19 poster!
This has several collage elements with primarily acrylic paint.  This was inspired from a post I saved in Pinterest under my Art category.  It was a fun piece to create although different than my usual undertakings.  Always fun to play with paint!

Hearts and Love and Valentines Goodness

Valentines is just a couple weeks away and I haven't made one Valentines anything!  So, that being the case I came across this heart I'd made several years ago out of clay, then decoupaged one of my girl illustrations onto and painted it a bit.  It has yellowed some but I'm sharing it with you anyway.
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So little time sooo many social outlets !  Haha!  And be sure to check out the work going on over on my website. Still in progress but getting a fresh look. 

Journal style creating

As the past year was ending I didn't have time to create like I would have normally, so creating a few smaller 4 x 6 originals helped me bridge time and art.  You can easily do this in an art journal or as I did individually. Canvas paper, watercolor paper, card stock are perfect for individual pieces like this if you don't want something "stuck" inside a journal. 
I'm looking forward to another creative year in 2017 and hope you join me.  Be sure to follow me on my Instagram feed for frequent art sharing.