Heading into Summer

It's been a long "few" years but as I head into summer the Shasta mobile art studio is heading out on it's maiden voyage.  So excited!  It has been a lot of work, reiterate, a-lot-of-work, for my husband to have gotten my little dream built out to my vision. I've had the easy part of creating the artwork.
This is just a couple of pics as I hauled stuff out to the trailer and then back inside, doing a "dry run" on set up.  If it wasn't a scorching and melting 90-100 degrees I'd be tempted to haul everything out and leave it set up inside.  But, I'm afraid that could spell disaster leaving everything to bake in literally a tin can until the weekend.  I'll try to get better pictures of actual set up and post here or Instagram this weekend.
Or better yet, you can come to the Peach Festival (07/08/17) and see it first hand!!
Granted I have only been to a handful of the Peach festivals over the past 20 years, mainly due to the heat.  This is Texas, it's hot, real hot, especially in July and August.  I have perfected the art of going from AC to AC, have maintained a nice white glow to my skin, and well if I'm honest.....a sweater!  Like wipe my brow a lot sweater!  So having thought about selling and setting up has always been quickly dismissed.  I'm hoping I literally don't melt this year and all goes well.  Like, pray for clouds and stuff!  :)

Other happenings are my new greeting card line.  This has been in the works for awhile.  I've had several designs off and on but committed to develop this and will debut this new and growing side of my art business this weekend as well.  I'll be offering wholesale to boutiques and stores as well.
So have a good and safe Summer!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram too!

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