Art Journal 2013

January is almost over (if you can believe it), and I am already well into my new Art journal adventure for this year. Being extremely partial to canvas as a surface for projects I have really become quiet attached to creating directly on papers and especially an art journal book.
In my excitement I accidentally destroyed the front cover so
did my first page as my cover.  Haha!

It gives me the opportunity to create even when I'm not in my art studio.  Journal pages are most often couch creations.  I don't necessarily journal in this like a diary with sketches, or to record adventures of any given day but, for me it's just another avenue for creating.  From a comfortable position no less!

Happy Scrap

It's flu season and while I feel terrible for my husband who is suffering with the flu this weekend, it has left me with time to get my hands into all kinds of creative things.
I had painted a canvas sheet Friday night with color so it would be ready for something to come to life on it during the course of the weekend.  It ended up becoming two projects.
This being a scrap piece of the bigger and (not yet finished) canvas piece, I couldn't just throw it away so started creating this.

Using scraps from projects can breathe new life into ideas.  Often times they take on a form of their own and show me what I wouldn't have thought of without them!

p.s.  Hope in my next entry I'm not sharing with you my own flu experience!

Happy Thursday!

So here is the "rub"....patience is always a work in progress with me.  I can excel at times in its practice, and at other times, well it can be the bain of my existence.  The older one gets you recognize the signs of your own impatience and working on patience skills I think. 

Ideas, dreams, and other motivators for me often have a hard time taking a back seat to the day in and out mundane have to do's.
But knowing that they are alive and well and flourishing in their own due time means I may actually be getting a handle on this patience thing!

Also here is the finished product from last posts sneek peek.
Having just bragged about really didn't win out in the finish of my girl.  I had bigger and better plans for her but hey- some....loose some! :)

In the Works...

Here is a piece that is in the works.  Yes, kind of you to notice that she is "headless and faceless". After my last post of admitting that I am facial challenged, I couldn't bring myself to tackle another face so soon.
But I think she is shaping up nicely just the same!


You have to know that to draw a face is a challenge for me.  I'm never happy with the outcome.  Eyes, lips, the nose, always something doesn't line up the way it should.
I've watched video's, studied others work with faces, (enviously I must admit), and I shy away from creating anything with a completed face.
I'm sure this personal struggle with faces is not going to go away for me any time soon. But I do try.  On days when my self esteem can take it! :)
If you have a killer secret to getting that perfect face please let me know!