2013 in the rear view

It's about gone. Finished. In the record books. What of my 2013 goals did I accomplish?  Well....most but not all when it comes to art.  A noticeable effort and some success was achieved with the 2013 list.
In review it had for me the following:
1) Create more....everyday I can. --  Did it!
2) Take time to submit to get published.-- Back onto the list for 2014 as I didn't even try.
3) Try new products and explore.--  Did it!  And of course back on the list for 2014 and thereafter!
4) Work on existing blog and create a website.-- Did it!  This too is ongoing.
5) Set up and sell on Etsy.--  Did set up my store but have not put effort into stocking or working it.
     I know Etsy is "the place" but not sure I agree to begin with.  I'll re-access the storefront thing into
     this new year.
So all in all not too bad given the time I actually have to devote to my art.  I am pleased with the journal dash sketchbook dash mixed media art I've done this year in these books.
I've done 3 complete books, tags, and a bit more this past year.  I LOVE the mixed media books.
For me they create finished pieces, along with ideas to build upon or take further another time.
LoVe, LoVe, LoVe!
And so as we all head into 2014 I'm excited about ART!  Who couldn't be?  So I leave you with my last two entries recently done in my third book.

Wishing you the best in 2014!!

Merry Christmas!!

                                   Wishing you and your dear ones a Very Merry Christmas!

Time to get Serious

Christmas is what, a week and a couple days off?  How in the world did that happen??!
Having truly lost a week with the ice storm and very the extreme weather event we just came through, its now a mad dash to the Christmas finish.  Good thing there are no really big plans or I'd definitely be hyper ventilating about now.  Then again...there is not even a tree up in our house yet.  Gulp!

While there may be no tree up I have gotten a couple of canvases painted in the past few weeks and a sketchbook journal page done.  So clearly not all has been lost.
I'm sure you are all much more organized than I am but it will all come together for me.  Wishing you a good next week!!


This may be an understatement!  This is Texas, freezing cold, inches and inches of ice, none of which belongs in this State!  If your from the Midwest or the North (which I originally am), this is what you expect and actually learn to drive on.  But sorry Texans, this is not your game. 
Image courtesy wfaa.com   
Now granted, ice is hard for anyone to drive on but, most of us whom live in Texas don't even own an ice scrapper!  Really! So needless to say when it gets like this nothing moves.  Or should.  (See above!)
So it's been a day at home.  Bad for business but great for snuggling up with the Ipad and spending some time doing art.  :)
Which is exactly what I did.  And with the deep freeze settling in and now relief in sight today may hold more of the same.  Pity.  (tee-hee)