Spring Wedding

Just got back from a Spring Wedding!  Such a great time of year for such an event.  Well, in between tornadoes it is! 

Seems things are done a bit backwards anymore.  Family first then marriage but after 18 yrs of being together my oldest son made it official.  I kept calling it a funeral however.  Freudian slip...ooops!
I have not had much time for art for well over a week.  I managed to get this scratched out and will share it with you.  This family is living proof of just this. 

Happy Easter Weekend!

Today is Good Friday and besides being a wonderful time of the year it is Easter weekend.  Which most surely will spell rain before it is over.
To find something to post today I looked back into an older journal.  I found this that I had done towards the end of last year.  Good words to live by, so I'm sharing them with you today.
Have a lovely weekend and remember...Jesus has risen!!

Let's just play!

When I know I'm going to have a Friday off come Thursday night I'm busy in my mind making a list of everything that I need to do and get done.  My Friday free ticket often turns into just another day of tasks.  NOT cool!

So today's list is going to look like this.  I'm going to make a mess.  I'm going to paint, color, create, cut, paste, & color spritz my way into a big ole (artful) mess!  It's going to be fun and fantastic!

So give yourself permission also and  come out and play.  You know you'll be better for it!


I've been under the weather this weekend which never is a good thing and especially weekends.  But I've drug myself into the studio long enough post  & share what I did accomplish last week.
I used both watercolors and some gesso, and I really liked the way the colors pop.  Kind of like the green outside as spring is going into full mode.  Happy, happy!
This also was watercolor but then when I scanned it and started to play around with it I used digital and computer work to add some elements.  Both of these pieces I will eventually have into my etsy shop.  (When I'm feeling better...sigh)