A little list of Thankfuls...

Friends:  You know the kind that "have your back", and just "get you" and your quirky ways, loving you nonetheless?  Most times hard to come by but when you have friends like this it's a blessing.
Thankful for mine!

Fall:  Hoping it is going to bring some coolness and alleviate humidity soon.  I really need a good hair day!! :)  Thankful for the season changes.

Busy:  Yes, actually thankful to be busy.  Busy in all aspects of life right now.  Really need to get busy with show preparations. Looking forward to branching out into this area again, only this time with my art!  (Thankful for the new Shasta trailer that my husband, nudge, nudge, is going to get ready for me.)

Puppies:  Loving our puppies!  'Nough said!

Hope you have things to be thankful for too.  Here is a new piece of art that I recently shared with a Friend.
 "I will walk in faith"---------and be Thankful!   Have a great weekend!

Be of Good Cheer

Some weeks are just more trying than others it seems.  And for me this past one was one of those weeks!  So this morning when finishing up this piece I couldn't help but pull from what I had doodled one night this past week.  Be of Good Cheer.   I think this was my inner self reminding me of this.
And since this turned out pretty well I guess I have even more reason to be so!  Hope you had a good week and find some cheer of your own!  And Happy Paint Party Friday!

A touch of time

It's been a long weekend for me, much like all of you.  I actually tacked on a couple of extra days last week and made this one extra long. It's been nice and much needed.
So with all that time you would have thought I could have managed a post, but just not the case.
It has been 12 weeks since the pups were born.  I think they have taken up any extra minutes and zapped the life right out of my art time.
But who doesn't want to spend time with guys like this?  Down to 3 from 7 pups and soon probably down to only 2.  At this point I'm not sure I care if another one goes.  I've gotten so very attached to them that it has been hard each time one has left.  Even though the very best homes have been found.
Note to self:  Do not become a dog breeder!
This is a page I just did from my art journal.  And a canvas that I started yesterday.  Not sure how she is going to finish as she isn't done just yet.  Sometimes I have to wait to be told.  (Canvas does speak if you didn't know.)

And  yes, obviously my prior declaration awhile back to never buy or work on canvas was just a momentary fit I had.  We all knew that right?
Hope you've had a nice long Labor Day weekend and good week this week.  Shouldn't these be mandatory one per month? :)