What I love about art

As the sun beams through the window and hits the studio table it lays down a layer warmth.  In that brightness and warmth I have obviously forgotten it is Christmas time.  The month that should be filled with art comprised of decorated trees, ornaments and packages.  It is lost on me.  A new 12 x 36 canvas beckons me in and as the colors are selected and the brush hits the canvas I've got anything but the look of the Christmas season.
What I love about art is it can be intentional or free wheeling.  I could have sat down with predetermined thought and intention to do something Christmas.  But, for me it is becoming more and more about the free wheeling kind of art.  In a world of guidelines, timelines, and lots and lots of intent dictated by everything around us....I for one find a flower because that's what came out exactly why I love art!!