Post Thanksgiving activities

Hopefully you had a very nice Thanksgiving.  I know our family had a nice day and I've had a long weekend. Yeah!  My task was to paint on my loose canvas which I primed last weekend after cleaning the studio.  I guess I can't decide on my final plan for it so it remains in the center of the room awaiting my attention.
I've been doing some painting and sketching at night and she is one of the latest.  I'll take her into some more involved piece once I know where she wants to go.  (They talk to me you know!)
And then there was a piece I lost...yes, lost.  Don't ask me how, don't ask particulars, its just simply gone.  Sigh.  I will work to re-create and share in another post.
In the meantime it's on to the Christmas season.......

Studio Make Over

This past Saturday was studio cleaning day. I couldn't take it any longer, it was a rainy day and so it was go time.  As I moved things from one side of the room to the other and then from one corner to another, bagging things that simply needed tossed out and getting a handle on all the stuff I've accumulated, I made a discovery.
The black hole!!!  (With a dog tail that is!)  It was that center part of  the room that had previously been covered with a 6 foot table which had simply become the place that everything got "put".  You have to know what I mean because we all have those "putting" places.  In fact if I'm honest I have a "putting" drawer in my kitchen.  Well, yes, maybe one in my laundry room too.  Oh my, I could have a problem!

So I worked tirelessly all day and well I am NOT finished...aargh...I am very well on my way to some real order.
I have a small 4' table that is set up for now and will NOT become a permanent fixture.  It will be used only when working on big canvas or projects.  I'm trying to get started on a larger loose canvas now.  I re-purposed the television cabinet that is in front of the window by having my husband make some shelves.  It is a little bit of awesomeness when it comes to organizing and making a home for things.
My built in desk area is still a project to do and I had to accept that I just don't have room for some things and they are organized as best as possible in the unseen corner. (Hopefully not to be come the next black hole!)  I'll update my studio pics once I'm all done but at least progress is happening.

Sharing some favorites...

So I've been busy, really busy.  Last weekend I was at the TCA gift market.  Here is a couple peeks at my area.

Yes, I know what you are saying to yourself.  Does she NOT know its Christmas season?  Well of course I do,  I had great things to give as gifts!  But I'm not a big Christmas decorator so needless to say my area reflected that.  But I loved the colors represented and had a really nice weekend.
Between that weekend and this one I have several favorites to share with you that you should consider when shopping and supporting artisans. 
 In no particular order:

Buffy makes the most beautiful and whimsical pottery.  And not "normal" pottery.  Its' quirky and colorful and lets just say I'm looking forward to (2) special ordered tea pots. 

 Kim makes the daintiest and neatest hand stamped jewelry.  (Yes, spent money here too!)

The jewelry made by these ladies is so tastefully and nicely done.  Not to mention quite affordable for as pretty and well made as their pieces are.  Again, left some money with them too!

Want to fantastic and comfortable leggings?  Or maybe a skirt?  Colleen has them!  I bought a pair of the leggings and wow!  They fit great, they don't develop drooping knees or legs after wearing and sitting and moving in them.  I'm definitely going to be purchasing again as these are great!

Currently in my studio it looks like a hurricane struck, literally.  I have grand visions for reorganizing and making over to better accommodate my flurry of activities and maybe when I get to that project I'll share some of the blood, sweat and tears that will ensue.
For now I have only the start of some new projects.  One is this that I've drawn.
 Not sure how this will finish out yet and I also want to do these on a piece of large loose canvas.
That is the update from my studio for now.  Be sure to check out my Instagram postings also and
trying to find a minute to update my online store over on my website.  Christmas IS coming!!
Have a wonderful week.

Measure of success

So this weekend I am at the TCA Gift Market. It takes time, energy & coffee to participate in these affairs. So naturally one wants reward for all that. Sure it would be nice to have to call the Brinks truck to come help carry off the money made. Who doesn't  want THAT problem?
Besides the monetary side, success has to take into account the contacts made, the feedback from shoppers and the support one finds when hanging out with other artists. So all this equals a great measure of success for me! Next post I'll share so artist contact with you that you should meet.
Hope over to my Instagram for booth pics too'