Studio Make Over

This past Saturday was studio cleaning day. I couldn't take it any longer, it was a rainy day and so it was go time.  As I moved things from one side of the room to the other and then from one corner to another, bagging things that simply needed tossed out and getting a handle on all the stuff I've accumulated, I made a discovery.
The black hole!!!  (With a dog tail that is!)  It was that center part of  the room that had previously been covered with a 6 foot table which had simply become the place that everything got "put".  You have to know what I mean because we all have those "putting" places.  In fact if I'm honest I have a "putting" drawer in my kitchen.  Well, yes, maybe one in my laundry room too.  Oh my, I could have a problem!

So I worked tirelessly all day and well I am NOT finished...aargh...I am very well on my way to some real order.
I have a small 4' table that is set up for now and will NOT become a permanent fixture.  It will be used only when working on big canvas or projects.  I'm trying to get started on a larger loose canvas now.  I re-purposed the television cabinet that is in front of the window by having my husband make some shelves.  It is a little bit of awesomeness when it comes to organizing and making a home for things.
My built in desk area is still a project to do and I had to accept that I just don't have room for some things and they are organized as best as possible in the unseen corner. (Hopefully not to be come the next black hole!)  I'll update my studio pics once I'm all done but at least progress is happening.

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