Art & my little Shasta Trailer

My studio business continues to keep my free time occupied and my head continuously going.  I'm working on the Birthday card collection, I've got another new group of art planned and getting cued up for my next task, plus my little Shasta Trailer project. 
'63 Shasta-Purchased almost 2 years ago

It has been a long time in getting this project underway but its happening now!  Here is a couple of pictures posted on Instagram recently.
It's good to be married to a contractor with mad skills!
Now, I mention this as "my" little Shasta project but really it is my husbands project.  I would still be looking inside overwhelmed with how to get my vision achieved if it were up to me to implement.  After multiple sketches and standing inside with pencil in hand to mark out ideas onto the old walls over the past year and half,  my vision is materializing.   New inside skin on the walls and ceilings have been installed along with bead board.  Colors were decided upon and being painted, along with flooring going in this weekend and a custom project of mine....a front display area counter top.

This countertop is the width of the Shasta interior, so about 7-8 foot long.  So picture doesn't reflect the full length.
The center of the countertop has this open area design which broke up and complimented the size of the top.
Lots of papers were harmed in the making of this project!!  :)
I utilized some of  my own designs as well and can't wait to see it installed!
There is still much to be done.  The outside will need painted, tires and wheels, and a few other touches.  But the fact that things are underway just makes me so happy! Updates will be posted on Instagram and some day a full reveal.