Spring planting

I have not spent alot of time sketching in the past as I didn't think it was something I should or could do.  I tend to think what I sketch has to be exact or porportioned perfectly and detailed just right.  Such a waste of my creative energy fretting over these things!
When I quit focusing on that so much and just relaxed more like I do with doodling it has started to come
together for me.  Imperfections are actually what makes it the mark of my style I suppose.  So if you are looking for perfect drawing and follow my blog at all you are going to be sadly disappointed!  Scribbles, doodles and whatever flows out rein supreme!! :)

Grace and Beauty

Today is absolutely beautiful!  Spring is everywhere I look and while I have to draw a flower before the day is over I managed to create this.  Also with a bit of whimsical spring feeling about it.

Spring Fever

Spring is coming!  Not that you could tell  by the weather of this weekend but I suppose the thought of spring fever inspired this snapshot in my mind. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Paperbag Canvas

Canvas, as I said in my last post, is probably my favorite medium to work with. It just makes me happy!  But I ventured onto paper bag recently.  Very rarely do you end up with paperbags these days but this one was not super thick or real, real heavy so I ripped off a piece and started working with it.  A little bit of gesso initially in  a strip in the middle because I didn't know where I was going to go with it.  Figured I had to prep it right?  I added the blue color and then added more gesso around the edges of the blue.  I liked the look of that so stopped there.  The rest was done with marker and thread for the stems.  Using a paper bag was fun!


Weekends are precious hours to me.  I never seem to get enough done when it comes to my "play" time and during the week I can't always find the time to hit the studio.  So I will pre-paint a canvas sheet so it will be ready for a doodle during the week.
Yes a doodle!  Canvas has always had more appeal to me than papers.   So the majority of what I  do takes place on canvas.  With the pre-painted canvas I can sit and doodle....my way of journaling.

Work in Progress

I've been working on getting this blog organized  and transitioned this weekend so itching to get my hands into the paint and glue!  Here is a recent canvas I've been working on.  Not quite finished but getting there.

Blog Make-Over

Ever had someone encourage you to pursue a dream, make the first move, tell you they’ll follow you onto the dance floor, or not to let doubt and disbelief stand in your way?
I have several of those people in my life who have remarked about my writings, their entertainment value, my observances, personal stories or rants of some sort.  That was the original reason for this blog back in 2009 which at the time was a natural extension of the then Twist of Pink E-Magazine.
I found myself with a love for paper, paint, markers and canvas.  So besides sarcasm and writing I realized a great joy in creating anything that doesn’t involve a sewing machine!  When empty nesting happened a few years back I seized the opportunity to turn now vacant space, (thank you son), into a creative room. Sure the family scoffed and figured this would pass, encouraging me with rolled eyes, just sure that this was a passing fancy. However, now several years later and in a different creative space I am still discovering the delights of mixed media art and looking forward to sharing with those of you who visit Twist of Pink. :)