Not the dreaded sewing machine!

Having been sick all week, (sinus infection), today was the first day I have felt like spending time in the studio.  Yes, this causes me great distress but nothing I can or could do about it. 
I came across an article in the recent Somerset Life magazine and found a bit of inspiration put into action today. Teresa McFayden, had a piece published where she had created some small "folio's" which I thought were very cute.  My first thought was not the dreaded sewing machine! I own one, don't know how to use it well, and don't have and never will desire to invest the time or brain cells necessary to efficiently operate one!  My second small obstacle was I had only flipped through the magazine, not purchasing it in lieu of a book I invested in.
So armed with resources I had available, and including some simple stitching on the ends of my folio with the sewing machine, here is my folio!

Arts Festival Weekend

Hooray it was Arts Festival weekend this weekend!  One couldn't have asked for a better day to enjoy the art.
This year had new artists and returning artists also.
One of my favorites this year was Kina Crow.
Check out her website
another of my favorites was Amanda Murphy and her photography.  Not what you would expect when one thinks of photography or subject matter but made me laugh.  Visit her site at

I've been busy working on some new things but not ready for a big reveal just yet.   I did re-work this CD holder recently.  Never had used it....still had the tags on it....probably just needed a little jazzing up!

Outside my Window

Today is such a beautiful day outside I feel almost bad spending it in the studio.  But the window is wide open right next to me and I am taking in all the wonderfulness that the season is blowing my way. Allergens and all!
Today I found myself back on canvas, mixing up those pretty colors.
But before I did this canvas I had completed viewing the  "Art of Wild Abondonment" class I had
signed up for just a while back.
Junelle Jacobsen is quite an inspiration and a very sweet spirit.  She and class organizer
Christy Tomlinson presented a really nice series.  It was my very first class ever!  These two gals are a couple of my favorites for inspiration so I knew I could not go wrong.  I know have idea overload!

This and that

Resourcefulness should be the title of this entry.  I utilized everything imaginable to do this little piece.
Here's the list:
Mixed media paper
Tissue paper
Stamps, pens, ink pad, acrylic paint & soft pastels
Meat paper...yes...really. The kind you wrap sandwiches in or place between before freezing. Don't ask!
Old book paper and last but not least scrap paper.
Sometimes a girls got to use what she has! :)