Winter = Studio time

Winter continues and it has been quite a week here in Texas!
Monday no work.
Tuesday I have to be driven in a 4 x 4 to get to work.
Wednesday & Thursday all good but cold.
Friday a repeat of Monday.
Saturday just more of the same.
One thing about art is it keeps you from being completely stir crazy.  I have things to do!
 Instead of giving second life to a canvas I gave a second life to this wood block.  I painted over the previous art I had on it and then added the flowers.  The flowers are out of paper and nail polish.
Yes, you read that right.  I can't take credit for this method as I stumbled across this from Carla Sonheim  awhile back and finally gave it a go.  Here is a link to a little tutorial she shared. 
Then I've been working on several new pieces for prints and other things.  I've got several more posted on my website homepage.  And now I'm going to continue work on a canvas I started Monday, the first winter day at home.  If you want to see it check out my latest Instagram post.
So I have been busy!  Winter isn't so bad after all. :)
Hope you are keeping warm.

Todays topic: Winter

Let me begin by saying that winter is really a relative term.  Winter to some is definitely not winter to others.  Let me explain.  I live in Texas.  This morning, after a rainy day yesterday we awoke to a scene like this one from the front of our house.

By most standards, this looks harmless.  After all we moved here in a January years ago, leaving the Northwest where there was snow.  Lots of snow.  And bitter cold.  This scene looks somewhat pitiful on the winter scale.  But in Texas this IS winter.  Ice usually, as this is, and usually takes everyone out of commission for a day or two.  Then we get back to normal. 
So I threw out some bird seed as I doubled up on the socks and coffee this morning.

They came in masses shortly hereafter.
Word was out!
One of our 8 mos old puppies watching.
Yes, I know he doesn't look like a puppy!
(So glad we kept 3 of these!!)

Which leads me to my point about winter.  Most folks in the North, Northwest and especially this year the East would be laughing at us over a day like this.  Even I when we moved here mumbled how we could ride motorcycles year round in comparison to winters we knew.  But winter is a relative term and well....for here and for today.... it is winter!
As for studio time I'm working on a canvas I started yesterday-

plus I put together another little piece that is posted over on my instagram.  Keep warm!

New Canvas Paintings

I have absolutely loved the time in the studio recently.  Not that I don't always feel this way but I've really been playing.  Colors, brushes, doodles, everything within arms reach has been used and the results have created several 2' x 3' canvas paintings.
This one I just finished today.  It's like 70 degrees outside and the window is open, with sunshine pouring in and it's been a wonderful day in the studio!!  Hard to believe it is February for sure!
My other canvas you can see over on my website home page.  I completed it last weekend and had hoped to have it framed up by this weekend but hubby has been busy working. Where are his priorities?  I mean really there is art ready!!  Like I said I have enjoyed creating both of these but one if definitely more my favorite.  I may not be able to sequester myself in the studio tomorrow also if it is still so pretty outside but my head is going with more ideas.
Hope you are having a great weekend too!
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