New Canvas Paintings

I have absolutely loved the time in the studio recently.  Not that I don't always feel this way but I've really been playing.  Colors, brushes, doodles, everything within arms reach has been used and the results have created several 2' x 3' canvas paintings.
This one I just finished today.  It's like 70 degrees outside and the window is open, with sunshine pouring in and it's been a wonderful day in the studio!!  Hard to believe it is February for sure!
My other canvas you can see over on my website home page.  I completed it last weekend and had hoped to have it framed up by this weekend but hubby has been busy working. Where are his priorities?  I mean really there is art ready!!  Like I said I have enjoyed creating both of these but one if definitely more my favorite.  I may not be able to sequester myself in the studio tomorrow also if it is still so pretty outside but my head is going with more ideas.
Hope you are having a great weekend too!
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