Last weekend I was in the studio and grabbed up a new 12 x 16 canvas.  Nothing particular in mind just started with paper and glue.  I knew I was going to "try" to do two things.  #1- Not use pink and work a fresh palette of colors from my normal. #2-do something different again from my normal.
And as you can see I pretty much failed on both of these accounts!  In my defense the papers hold the pink color, not my paints that I used. Still guilty aren't I?!  And well, these darn angels just seem to keep appearing .  So, while my Angel says triumphant I think I having a hard time with pre-ordaining an outcome.  So another weekend is upon me and I have a bigger canvas still to lay out and begin on.  Dare I try to accomplish the same two things again?  Guess time will tell.  It's such a fine line between just letting things flow and purposefully setting out on a course.  Suppose if the end result is good what should it matter.


  1. It's really pretty. The pink is subtle so it doesn't "look" pink. Happy PPF.


  2. Haha! great "failure"! I love this angel in pink, that's her colour. I like the butterfly too and the mixed turquoise/green/blue background.