New Art for a New Year

I'm not a resolution type of person at the beginning of a new year but I do feel like a "reset" button for fresh things takes place automatically.  It's like a new starting line after having just left behind  a crossed finish line.  I've been working on some different methods and styles, a part of my reworking over bad art. A ongoing project of mine.  And these old canvases that I have used to do new art on again are perfect for taking away the pressure of ruining besides bemoaning having just wasted good money on a canvas! It now has a chance and second life.
5 x 7 canvas
Paint, old map, paper, photo & ink.
Now while this was NOT created on one of those re-do canvases I had practiced on those.  I love doing the whimsical girls and flowers that will always be in my art but I also
am taping into this new side as well.
A mountain lover at heart with prior residence in the mountains I have lots to draw inspiration from.  It's an automatic natural fit for me and surprising that it hasn't come through to my art before now.
I think this is going to be a good year!!

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