Artful Headboard

I'm married to a wood whisperer.  What?  Yes, a man who listens to and communicates with wood.
He can take a stump of wood and turn it into a beautiful bowl or vases, an ugly knot off a tree and turn it into a gorgeous table. Old wood and make wooden boxes.  So wood talks to him obviously, and he responds with gorgeousness.  Me, I'd be starting a fire or something.  Haha!

We haven't had a headboard for our bed in a very long time.  And I've always said we should make one.
Wander down Pinterest lane very long and one can become overwhelmed with ideas.  So the wood whisperer did what he does best.
Headboard made from 100 yr old water barrel wood.
And isn't it gorgeous?!!!!  It's so awesome I now have to work on the entire bedroom.  A room that honestly I had neglected with any kind of room design until now. He has upped the ante' big time.

The texture and the natural wood just pops against the white trim and also our wall color.  Love, love, love it! So I just had to share this with you. I think he needs to find some more old wood and give it a good talking to! :)

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