New 16x20 painting

It's been a nice Christmas holiday with family, good food, and finished off the long weekend with a painting.  I've got several things going in the studio right now but yesterday I focused on this canvas.

I continue to recycle canvases that I just didn't like.  I can't just throw them away so I give them a second chance, or rather myself a second chance.  I put this photo collage together to show how I progressed and then a glimpse of the final canvas.

Merry Christmas

Its going to be a flurry of activity for the next week and so I wanted to take a moment for a quick studio update.
I finally sat down with my big canvas and got it finished.  Had a hard time getting a picture but here it is.
As it lays on my studio table.
Digitally placed in this frame.  So not actually mounted.

It's always a likelihood that I will come back to this piece and make changes or add to it still.  But for now I am happy with the result.  I am trying to determine what I will do on the next large canvas.
On my table right now is this piece.
 Yes another angel.  I can't seem to get away from doing them.  So that is a quick update and hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!  Look forward to continuing to share art in 2015!

Jana McLaughlin©

I now pause for a break ...

A break from Christmas and all those activities to steal away a small chunk of time in the studio.
Truly happy time!  I'm still working on my large loose canvas piece and while I posted a snippet of it in progress a week or so ago on Instagram, I'm just not loving the result just yet.  I am feeling as it is not done but not sure where to take it so it's laying on the studio table awaiting it's final fate.  I promise to share when it is done.
This is what I had the chance to finish this afternoon.  I started a few nights ago when I took a bad piece of art that was in the, "I can't believe I ever did that pile," and re-purposed it .  Let me tell you, do I have a pile of that bad art.  But I highly recommend working over bad things to 1) save money and 2) let those pieces take on new life and inspire you in ways you wouldn't normally think.

Hope you are stealing some creative time this month! 

Remembering the reason

This is honestly a frantic time of the year, for everyone.  Seems long gone are the days of savoring the season and instead we have one more to do list, to get list, to prepare list, and busy busy busy. 
I personally need to see less sale bills, extended hours, coupons, and shipping offers.  Our family is going minimalistic this year.   Really minimalistic.  After all, a little less of "everything" and a bit more of remembering the reason for the season seems in order.
Holidays can be very hard times for people in so many ways. So besides remembering the reason, remember we aren't ever alone either!