I now pause for a break ...

A break from Christmas and all those activities to steal away a small chunk of time in the studio.
Truly happy time!  I'm still working on my large loose canvas piece and while I posted a snippet of it in progress a week or so ago on Instagram, I'm just not loving the result just yet.  I am feeling as it is not done but not sure where to take it so it's laying on the studio table awaiting it's final fate.  I promise to share when it is done.
This is what I had the chance to finish this afternoon.  I started a few nights ago when I took a bad piece of art that was in the, "I can't believe I ever did that pile," and re-purposed it .  Let me tell you, do I have a pile of that bad art.  But I highly recommend working over bad things to 1) save money and 2) let those pieces take on new life and inspire you in ways you wouldn't normally think.

Hope you are stealing some creative time this month! 

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