A touch of time

It's been a long weekend for me, much like all of you.  I actually tacked on a couple of extra days last week and made this one extra long. It's been nice and much needed.
So with all that time you would have thought I could have managed a post, but just not the case.
It has been 12 weeks since the pups were born.  I think they have taken up any extra minutes and zapped the life right out of my art time.
But who doesn't want to spend time with guys like this?  Down to 3 from 7 pups and soon probably down to only 2.  At this point I'm not sure I care if another one goes.  I've gotten so very attached to them that it has been hard each time one has left.  Even though the very best homes have been found.
Note to self:  Do not become a dog breeder!
This is a page I just did from my art journal.  And a canvas that I started yesterday.  Not sure how she is going to finish as she isn't done just yet.  Sometimes I have to wait to be told.  (Canvas does speak if you didn't know.)

And  yes, obviously my prior declaration awhile back to never buy or work on canvas was just a momentary fit I had.  We all knew that right?
Hope you've had a nice long Labor Day weekend and good week this week.  Shouldn't these be mandatory one per month? :)


  1. I really like the colors you used in you faith journal page..so bright and cheery! I'm nervous around baby anythings, my sis breeds rabbits and I feel like I will break them when they are small. Even my sons were nerve racking when they were babies! I would make a terrible breeder. ;) I think that puppy is so adorable tho. I spied the trailer you purchased in August? (previous post) OMGosh, I want to see what you will do with that. I even looked up were you live, Texas, so far away! I'm in Oregon or I would come help you. haha

    Thanks for sharing,
    xo Tam Hess
    Happy Paint Party Friday!

  2. Òh I love this artwork...and I love puppies too! I had one batch several years ago it was so hard to give them up... I gave them away but the catch was, I interviewed them. I was so discriminating to who got my animals! I refused a few people and ended a relationship with one because of it!! In the end they all had top notch homes...I couldn`t have been a breeder after that!! They were like my babies!! So I can see you keeping the last two..lol It`s a birth to death thing with me!! I had four dogs in 35 years all from puppies until the end, one was 18 when he passed! Have a great weekend!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I've never done any dog breeding, but I can certainly understand how hard it must be to handout those puppies. Hopefully they are homes where you will be able to see them in the future. Anyway, I LOVE the lettering in your page and your joyous color choice. Good luck finishing your portrait. Blessings!

  4. I would be very attached to those pups too... how adorable... but glad you are getting some painting time back...xx

  5. How can you not get attached? Glad you got some art done too.

  6. Your pup is adorable. I love your artwork, too.