My Big Project

Finally..... I'm excited to show you my big project.  To be a bit more accurate it is more of a project for my husban.  I'm just the "design" team.
'63 Shasta
Isn't she gorgeous?  She will be even more gorgeous when "we" get done fixing her up for my new studio on wheels.  Yes!   I have plans to utilize her at pop up fairs and any other sales events I can schedule and manage.  Soooo excited!!! 
Of course, I've had her for at least a month now and in my mind she should be done. Right?  But with summer heat and work loads she hasn't even been touched yet.  My idea to use her this fall is probably not going to happen.  Darn it!
There is that patience trial I seem tested by time and time again. Think I'd learn. :)
Have a great and safe weekend!


  1. Wow this looks like it will be a fun revamp...are you going to make it like an art car? Good for you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Yeahhh she is beautiful. I can picture this all fixed up and shinny. Great idea

  3. This is wonderful! It will be perfect for plein air painting and selling roadside at the tourist spots! So jealous! Happy PPF!