Friday Sharing

So if you read my last post I have sworn off of canvas.  Really, but not really.  Canvas and I are having disagreements and well it's just best we part ways for awhile.  So I found it funny that when I went to pull something to share today I grabbed up this-
And what is she done on? Yep, canvas.  So go figure.  The weekend is upon us  (yeah!) and I hope to delve into some kind of arty goodness.  I did get my own shop set up over on my home page last weekend.  Not entirely happy with picture quality so I guess its a work in progress like everything else.
Have a great weekend!

p.s. hopefully next post will share picture of my big project surprise! 


  1. The girl on your lovely canvas looks like she knows the surprise! Valerie

  2. Your be-spectacled girl is just adorable.

  3. She's awfully cute! I'm so glad you pulled her out to share with us.

  4. Well she is adorable on canvas!! Can't wait to see your project surprise!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Canvas or not she is so cute.