Never buying another canvas!

Never buying another canvas I say in a fit of unhappiness.  I love canvas, at least I thought I did.  Well I do.  But really,  it isn't my best friend when it comes to producing work that I generally like.  Rarely does a canvas come out looking or feeling like I wanted it to, tried to make it, or felt it should.  So I say I'm never buying another canvas!  (yes, we both know this is not going to be the case.)

So my fit started after painting a small canvas today and not really loving it. (Not showing it here.)
You know the feeling right?  Please tell me you do.  So after destroying a canvas unwillingly I went to my already existing discard pile of "bad art" canvases and took one to task. I was down but not out!
I snapped this picture after already in the process of  "rearranging" it shall we say.  The original colorful houses on yellow done somewhere in my past wasn't good.  So magic marker in hand I doodled over the top and started painting outside the lines. 

I like the way it turned out and is just proof that the pile of bad art can be spared from the trash and fits can be tamed.  I'm still going to stay clear of the canvas aisle for awhile because who needs that kind of trouble?! Haha!

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