Hit a stride

I'd hit a rather creative stride lately, but it's now turned into a short trot.  I have a nice collection of new art, some of which I have posted on my website homepage if you go there, and the rest to be released  in a bit. 
It is always nice when things come together and a sigh of happiness and completion washes over.
Bringing life to some of my older art has been fun as well.  The more I re-do or completely erase away old art it shows to me progress.  And that's a good thing!
I have a HUGE project (and not at all what you will think), to share with you my progression in doing very soon.  So check back and get creative!!



  1. looking forward to hearing about the big project... you have me curious now... an that top work is lovely, though I do like both it really caught me attention...xx

  2. Glad you got your mojo back...so fun when that happens! Great work....can't wait to see your other project!

    Hugs Giggles