June almost over?

Wow!  It's summer and this month is well on it's way of being over.  I have been a bad blogger this month also.  Since my last post a couple weeks ago a recap of life highlights:

1)  Had a Birthday!  yeah....or maybe not so much yeah.  One can only turn 39 so many times before people start questioning that.  Haha!

2)  Got a speeding ticket.  Boo!  Can't deny I was being a great menace to society out in the middle of no where country road.  (You're welcome, to the 3 cars that passed by speeding as well, while I occupied this patrol officer.)

3)  Puppies, puppies, puppies.... yeah with a question mark!!  SEVEN puppies....yes seven.

Might I note that these are NOT my puppies.  Yes, they are residing at my house.  Yes, this could have been prevented.  Yes, I am preparing my son's eviction notice as I type (tee hee!).  Yes, he knows his mother has a soft spot for all things animal....especially puppies!!  And somewhere out in the countryside around us is a very unknowing owner of a male Great Pyrenees.  So we have Akita + Great Pyrenees puppies.  Might I say, not the type of dog you'll be carting around in your purse like Paris Hilton use to do!!

4) And finally....ART!  Doing lots of new art.  All of which is not posted on my website yet, or on Etsy, or anywhere.  Shame on me.  So best get with it all.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Wonderful post! Love the art, and the puppies are adorable- Sorry about the parking ticket, had a lot of experience with things like that! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Puppies are adorable. You are invited to share this with my new party, Feline Art Friday:


  3. The painting is wonderful and should take first place over a post about the puppies. However, since I am such a lover of dogs, I am glad to see all the photos of 7 pups. How I wish I could have one, but for the time being I am remaining dog-less.

  4. that is quite a week... and the puppies look adorable... though they are going to be huge aren't they... I would quite like to see Paris Hilton trying to cram one into a carry bag lol...xx

  5. Happy 39th Birthday! I'm sorry about your ticket, but at least you had the comfort of sweet puppies to make up for it. By the way, I can relate to the fact of your children being the culprits of having too many pets. My wife and I now care for 3 dogs and a cat, 2 of which were found by our girls who swore they would take care of them. Good thing they're sweet - LOL! I love your whimsical drawing too. Blessings!

  6. Happy birthday. Ouch on the ticket, double ouch on the puppies. Even though they are just too cute. I really like this girl with her wide eyes.
    Have a great weekend