Fun? No thank you!

It is Friday night.  It should be a happy, and if lucky, a relaxing time should it not?  Why yes!  It should be.  I on the other hand have exasperated myself with all things website tonight.  I updated it last week and added the portfolio page.  Wasn't crazy about the colors of my flash booklet that I created and incorporated but will do.  No it won't!  So tonight with all kinds of time on my hands I thought I'll just sit down and quick like change the colors, change a couple of other things and be off to play and create.     Silly me.     
I have re-created this file.  Uploaded it about 3 times, all without success.  Why?  Good question and one not answered as of this writing.  I even cleared my cache browser at least 2 times. (Yes, it sounds fancy but really not as most of you know.)
So with time and a lovely friday night dissolving away I thought I'd zip over to this page and make a quick post.  About what?  I haven't accomplished anything.  Haven't been creating tonight.  So I logged out.  Well again, that just wasn't going to do.  So I logged back in and to now your dismay this is what you are getting.  Ramblings of a unhappy computer user.  Ahh, it happens to the best of us.
Not to fear though.  I am going to give my website a night to ponder on it's poor cooperation and see how it feels about it all by tomorrow or the next time I can sit down to it. 
I do hope you are having a better end of the week than me! :)

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