I've been up to....

Spring flowers and planting and dirt.  Glorious times!

Sadly I don't have a better picture than this. Given the technology you'd think I could at least show a good picture. Ha!
Anyway, again not that this picture shows or does justice but after a $200 trip to Lowe's yesterday the back patio has flowers, the front porch has flowers, and I've still got a table full that I don't have containers for.

I've also finished my first art journal book of 2014. Yeah!!
I think I did 3 last year.  Not sure, but this year I've now got number one in the bag.
So journal number 2 is ready to go!

 And lastly......found a great old book with thin and wonderful paper that made for a great surface for
this watercolor and marker picture.
I can't wait to do more with the pages from this book.
Have a great week!

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