Happy Halloween!

Personally I've never been a big fan of this holiday.  I think there were a couple years in my very early teens that it held some appeal to me but, otherwise just not that in to it. So it won't surprise you that my post has absolutely nothing to do with the occasion.  No orange, no costume, no nothing.

I had hoped to share with you my progress on the big canvas I had intentions of starting on last weekend but alas, didn't happen.  I eyed it, rubbed my chin a bit while staring at it, got a snack, eyed it some more and then I let adult attention disorder take over and went on to something else.  Or maybe it was procrastination that hit.  I can hardly tell the difference.

So while I have been busy creating I have not been busy documenting or taking pictures.  One I did snap was of my two angels that I had professionally printed and then placed in a nice dual frame.  I'm really happy with how they look.  Had a bit of a glare obviously when I did snap the picture but you get the jest.  I've got two of these that will be for sale next weekend at the Trinity Christian gift market.

Enjoy the day and this gorgeous fall weekend!

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